Friday, March 26, 2010

You Make Me Sing

Today has been pretty lovely. I didn't have to wake up to an alarm, I didn't have class, and I've already gotten some homework done!

The fiance has been busy all day, so I had some time to take a long shower, relax a little, eat some breakfast (malt-o-meal!!) and go flea marketing!! hurrah!!
Our flea market here in town is more of a thrift/antique shop-but they call it a flea market. There are so many gorgeous vintage hats there, I drool over them every time I walk in the shop. If they were maybe under 10 dollars I would own one right now, but they're just too spendy for me to splurge on right now when we're trying just to make ends meet for the wedding!

The flea market wanted to torture me today, I'm telling you. All of their clothes were half off and there were so many I wanted...alas I had to settle for none...siiiigh.

Also, I have been coveting a fur collar lately. I think it can make any outfit just have that sultry vintage look that I adore! I found one on the upstairs level of the store, it was fabulous, but pretty extravagant, with dark fur, and it was quite large. But it was 28 dollars, which was not happening. So I trekked downstairs, which is where I usually find most of my treasures. Lo and behold hidden in with the old socks and tights by the children's clothes, there was a little bit of fur peeking out from under the pile. I rummaged and found this GORGEOUS real mink fur collar-the tag said it is fifty years old! I turned to see the price and it was FIVE DOLLARS!!! MEHH!!! So I totally bought it...It was naughty-but I wanted it so bad-and after the 28 dollar sticker price on the other one, I couldn't pass it up! I drooled over a leather jacket and old man sweater for a while too, but couldn't justify buying anything else-except this sweet pair of long beautiful socks that I can pair with my dresses-for 30 Cents!!
So I was pretty happy after that and came home to play dress up :):) mmmmm :):)
I adore being a lady :D

Proverbs 15:1
A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Fur Collar- Flea market :D
Brown Top- Same flea market- FREE!
Belt- Flea market. I love this gorgeous, almost minty green color of the belt- so vintage!! bah!! :D
Scarf- Gift from sister- Brought back from Turkey!
Jeans- NY and Company
Boots- Target

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