Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seattle: Day Three-Space Needle, Island, Ferry!

On the third day of our Seattle trip Jenifer and I had another jam-packed day! To start out the day we rode the train into town, then took a bus, THEN took a monorail to go visit the space needle! On our way up to the top they make you stand in front of a screen and take your picture so that they can put a background behind you to make it look like you're standing in front of the space needle. It's pretty much the worst picture of me ever-but for posterity, here you go:

Don't you just love the green around our heads where they photoshopped us in? It looks completely awesome, I know ;) The Space Needle on one side of us, and Mt. Ranier on the other.

After the space needle Jenifer and I had to make it from the middle of the city all the way to the waterfront to catch a ferry on time. It was my first time on a ferry and I'm pretty sure I loved it. The wind was insane and the view was absolutely spectacular. On one end of the ferry we could see the Seattle skyline, and on the other side was Bainbridge Island!

The water looked very seafoam green as we pulled into Bainbridge to dock. It was the prettiest color!

It's a good thing I was wearing my tennis shoes because we basically had to run for a half an hour with all of our stuff from the middle of the city to the waterfront to catch our ferry-we ended up getting there and getting a ticket and loading onto the ferry with only a few minutes to spare! Needless to say, we earned our lunch that day!

While on the island we did all sorts of popping into little shops, eating at the most adorable (and delicious) cafe, and just having fun hanging out together! The place we ate was called the Blackbird Cafe. For lunch we had flatbread pizza with zucchini and sundried tomatoes-mmmmmmmm!

Then for dessert we decided on cherry almond coffee cake that was TO DIE FOR. That place was full of fun and delicious sounding desserts, like blackberry walnut pie-doesn't that just sound pretty? Sigh...
Here is the coffee cake:

After getting back to our aunt and uncle's home we had the best time preparing supper and eating out on their deck full of hummingbirds, plants, and the best air I've ever breathed. Love them so much :D

Psalm 147:1
Praise the LORD. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise Him!

God Bless!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Seattle: Day Two-Roaming the City and My First Taste of Seafood

This was quite the packed day for my sister Jeni and I. I will try to recount to you all each of our adventures, although it may take a while.

The day started out for us at Kent Station (doesn't that just sound fantastic?) We waited for the train (basically a commuter train) with quite a bit of excitement. :) It was gloomy and cool out-my favorite type of weather! Our destination was downtown Seattle.

Seattle is home to the very first Starbucks-which we actually saw while we were there! But there is literally one on every corner. The shops weren't open yet, so Jen and I went to a Starbucks for a lovely scone and hot chocolate! Ya...we took pictures- we're pretty much awesome sauce...

There were lots of pretty walls and murals to take pictures of! I love all of the cultures of different cities. Each one has it's own feel to it-Seattle is very hipster.

Jenifer and I went to the Historic Gold Rush Museum as soon as it opened. We're suckers for things like that-of course...the only thing I ended up taking pictures of were these shoes....go figure! But aren't they drool-worthy? What happened to this style and why haven't they brought it back yet! I'm not rich enough yet for custom made shoes!

We went a few other places too, like the Curiosity Shop-which had things like shrunken heads and mummies, and some awesome ancient games, like this one that measures your 'sex appeal' bahaha! Unfortunately...we found out that I'm not very sister got all the way up to burnin'! I've always said she was hot.

We went to the historic Smith Tower for a great view of the city as well. It was super cool!

I also got my very first taste of fish and chips-which are, of course, fantastic! There were seagulls lined up waiting for us to finish our fries and share some with them! Greedy little scuttles ;) Jeni was braver than I was...we took a video of us feeding them...and I scream a lot...

That afternoon we went to Pike's Place Fish Market-where they sing and throw fish to each other! It was quite the awesome experience and very delightful to watch...only not so delightful to smell...The market is such a fun place! There is so much to see and do there and you can buy the most incredible bouquets of flowers for as little as five to ten dollars! If I lived in Seattle I would have just went down to the market on my wedding day and saved a bundle on my flowers! So gorgeous...

We also went to the aquarium and saw many adorable animals including sea lions, starfish, and our favorite-sea otters and river otters:

For supper we met up with our aunt and uncle for some Crab Pot! I've never really had seafood before-so this was sure an experience for me! I had to wear a bib and was astounded by the amount of shells and things with eyes that they dumped on our table...needless to say I don't think seafood is my favorite thing ever-but it sure was fun! I didn't mind the oysters/mussels? But I couldn't eat the shrimp....they had eyes and I just couldn't stomach it!

After that we went and saw a little bit more of the city, some beaches, Puget Sound, a great skyline, a gorgeous sunset-what more could we ask for on this lovely journey!?

And just because I love it-here's a shot of the ring I bought off of a street vendor for super cheap-uhh huh! I love it!

More tomorrow :)
God Bless!

Jeggings-Charlotte Russe

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just a Slice

Today started out with pouring rain on our way to church this morning. I had not been aware that it was raining...and so I guess I'm an idiot and wore a white skirt...hmmm...Sean and I got soaked on our way into the church building! But it was glorious. I wanted to go out and play in it :) It makes me wonder how much worse the weather is in other parts of the country though..I'm glad that a little downpour once in a while is the most we have to deal with where I live this time of year!

After church Sean and I went to the grocery store and spent a ton of money-I always wonder what we buy that costs so much? haha, but I guess upgrading from ramen comes with a price! I kid, I kid. We only eat ramen like twice a month....:P
Now Sean's snoozing away on the couch and I'm going to go shut my brain off for a while to while I prepare for my second week of teaching! This week I will start with three days in the classroom and two days of college courses.

My mom and I actually bought this skirt years ago for my older sister, but she ended up not liking it-so I got to keep it! I haven't worn it much, but I'm not sure why. I really loved it today! It's comfy and fits better than I remember...I love rediscovering little gems in your closet that need to be worn! Of course...maybe that's a sign that my closet is too big? Nonsense...;)

Tomorrow after I get home from school I will do my post on our second day in Seattle! For today I will just leave you with pictures from today so I don't get so behind in my posting :)
Thanks for caring about my little slice of life! Love ya :)
God Bless,

Matthew 28:20
And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Necklace-Street vendor in Canada
Jacket-Shopko, bough when I was like 14 or something ridiculous
Skirt-Also ancient, I don't remember..
Shoes-Thrifted, Maurices