Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Much Snow!

Today has been kind of crazy already-and it's only noon! I showed up to my 8 oclock class (along with several other people) only to find that the professor had cancelled class at 5:30 this morning using d2l email! (If you don't know what that is-it's like the most unreliable email ever). So we sent him an email telling him he was a doo doo head (ok, so not that exactly...but-close!). Then I worded for like 2 hours on my art project :P I can't wait till that is done-i'll have to put up a picture for you!

I went looking for a new spot to take my pictures so I wouldn't have to sit in the snow...I ended up climbing the hill behind where I live and getting all wet and muddy-but it was worth it! I like that spot :) There is this really ancient paddle boat with lots of nice places to set my camera! By the end of that my hands were pretty cold though! Also, I realized after looking at the pictures that I should have had some sort of scarf on-I am completely in love with scarves and wear one almost every day-they make any outfit completely unique by just changing one little piece!

Also you can't really see my boots in the pictures because they are so covered with snow! haha-funny...:)

When I have some time I'll have to go to a couple gazebos in town to try and get some cool pictures.

I guess that's it for now :) If I have more time later I may write some more-but I should probably go work out instead!! hahaha....

Headband-Charlotte Russe
Blouse-Stole from sister :)
Jacket-vintage-flea market here in town! This was a two piece suit and I love the skirt too!
Jeans-Old Navy-Thrifted

God bless!

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