Sunday, March 7, 2010


Whew it is muddy today! I love wearing my heels to church but it took some level of balance to get to the car this morning when I'm wearing spikes in 5 inches of mud!
After church we got some foods and now i'm just sitting in my living room-lazy, wonderful Sunday! I better take advantage of it though because I'm going to be semi-busy this week. I hate to say it, but my sister and I are totally watching the Hannah Montana finale this evening-why do I like that show? haha...ooooh well!

Also please excuse my messy room....I'm a college student so when I come home it always looks like a tornado hit!

Earrings-Stolen from sister :)
Scarf- Thrifted/flea marketed...I can't remember
Cardigan- Stolen from sister :)
Dress w/belt-Vintage I got it at the consignment shop in town-One of my favorite pieces-it's really comfy and warm!
Trench coat-It was my Grandmother's "First grown up coat," as she described it. So it is probably at least 50 years old :D:D Major love!! She's a little torn up on the inside but otherwise in amazing condition!


TheMoonLobster said...

How long will you be home for spring break?
I know I already asked you this, but I forgot.
What angles are those picture taken at? Is that the house next door to yours? I don't recognize anything!

I like your outfit!

Butterfly loves Snapdragons said...

I will be home until the 14th of March! Jeni took the at her angle I guess? haha
The house in the background is my neighbor's-I'm standing on our sidewalk.
Are you gonna be around this week?!