Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mmmm...Sun :)

Today was so beautiful out! Not so lovely that I couldn't wear a coat...but it was still nice to see the sun and not feel gloomy all day!

I was back to taking my own pictures today :P However the trek up the hill to my picture taking spot was much easier now that most of the snow up there has melted and I don't have to walk around huge drifts! It was a bit muddier however.
I noticed in a lot of the pictures that I took I look pained. I suppose I'm trying to be all model-esque and look cool, but really it ends up looking like 'Ow, I have a sore pancreas'. sigh...not the look I'm going for...

When my fiance saw me today he was kind of taken aback. This bothered me a little until he explained, "Well, I just wasn't ready for you to be wearing fuchsia pants."
Tuche, my good man. Tuuuche.
I did feel a little like a leprechaun today though-I had to have my green on for St. Patty's day (to ward off pinching, although I did get poked by some random girl in the cafeteria who said "you're wearing green I can't pinch you. This upsets me" so she proceeded to poke me...mind you I had no idea who this girl was) , and then I was wearing these brown shoes and pink pants-haha! I felt very festive!

Also I get to take a walk with a great friend later today :) should be lovely!!

I tried to get a good one of me jumping...and this was the best shot I got...haha! So take what you can get! :)

Today's verse:
Ecclesiastes 1:5 The sun rises and the sun sets,and hurries back to where it rises.

Earrings-Cornfest -little booth-I love these!
Top-Stolen from sister!
Shoes-Also stolen from sister, this was while she was cleaning out her room and she was going to take these to the thrift store-but I snagged them!!! Hooray!

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