Monday, March 8, 2010

I have nothing to wear!

Haha...obviously that title does not speak truth. But today was one of those days where nothing I put on felt right! Maybe that's because all I did was lie around the house all day long...But I finally decided at around 5ish to go and take some pictures with a pretty dress which I have never worn, but got for 5 dollars at a crazy dayz sale! WOOT! I had my mama take the pictures :)
Also I didn't even bother to put on makeup or wash my hair today..I hope you don't mind...but at least I showered today! It's so much fun to go through old dresses-I wish we all still walked around in long dresses and hats and gloves-especially during the winter! I want to put my hair up and be fancy all the time-why don't we do that more often nowday's? Even when we do get dressed up for prom, etc it seems that even that is getting more and more casual! Oooh well-that's all for today! Hope you're having a great week :D God bless!

Scarf-Gift from sister
Dress-Brial Shop Crazy Dayz sale
Sweater- Old..don't remember!
Shoes- Payless

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