Thursday, March 11, 2010


It has been raining a dreary for the past few days. Now, don't get me wrong-I absolutely adore the rain! But I've had to drive quite a bit in the last couple of days and fog is no fun to drive in :(
Yesterday was busy! I drove to see my fiance so we could pick out cake and flowers and possibly get a registry set up!! It felt good to get some things accomplished :)
After I got back 2 of my favorite people in the whole world came over and made me delicious homemade pizza :):) And then we had a sleepover and talked all night and it was glorious. But that is why I didn't have a chance to post yesterday :)
Today I went to get my license renewed since I turned 21. Make sure to have all your paperwork with you! I got in and out of there with no problem, but there were so many people who had to leave and come back because they didn't have the right papers with them.

Also, since we didn't have school this week for spring break I didn't have my normal Bible study on Monday night-I miss it! Have any of you heard of 'The Truth Project"? It is a very intellectual dvd study series-but it has such great information and fire to add to your Godly arsenal :) My fiance had watched the videos and decided that he would buy them so I could watch them too-what an amazing, Godly man he is :D:D
Anyway, I would recommend that series of dvd's for you all out there to watch if you're interested in an in-depth study for the proof of God's existence.

These photos turned out a little funny because of the weather, but some of them look really cool the way they're halfway blurry, halfway clear-I like it! I also showed a close up of the locket that I was wearing, which I 'stole' from my mother's jewelry box a couple days ago-I have to put pictures in it though!

Earrings and locket-Stolen from mama :)
Scarf- Target- Gift from a friend
Turtleneck and boots-Target
Skirt-Maurices-I've had this for ages!
Tights-Dollar store ages ago

Have a good day and God bless you all!

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