Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Going to Town

Today I actually had something to do, meaning I didn't just lie around the house all day...at 1 my sister and I went to the flower shop in town to buy my mama flowers for her birthday :) Then we brought them to her at work. After that I had to talk to the hairdresser about my wedding day. Then I had a dress fitting at the bridal shop for my wedding dress :) When I got home my sister and I made my mom this peach pork dish for her birthday dinner-it was so yummy!
Tomorrow I'm going to work on wedding stuff too, but with my fiance.

Here is what I wore today :)
Earrings- Gift from sister
Scarf-Flea marketed
Dress thing-Alco-YES!
Blazer-Unique-Thrift store
Leggings-Stolen from sister
Boots-Stolen from sister
Red Coat-I was my grandpa's! and it is extremely warm-with really comfy pockets :) I love it!
I was also worried about the sheerness of the dress, so I wore a tank top as an underskirt so I wouldn't have to worry about that :)

Hope you had a good day! God Bless!