Saturday, March 13, 2010

Not even blogworthy...

So...this outfit is not that fabulous...but it's really comfy. Also I was in the process of washing a bunch of clothes today, so I just wanted to wear old comfy clothes for a day of staying in the house and doing homework and hanging out with my mom and sister :)

Also, I'm really excited today because the girls that I used to babysit are coming over to see me! They are three sisters, age 11 and under, and the two oldest will be my Jr. Bridesmaids at the wedding, while the youngest is my flower girl. I really miss watching them since I went to college-and I'm so excited to see them try on their dresses!! That's why they're coming over :) The jr. bridesmaids are wearing these adorable ivory dresses flecked with gold. They have cap sleeves and a beaded waist. The flower girl is wearing a little gold dress that is sleeveless. I would describe it as looking like a little Grecian goddess dress-so cute!

Scarf-K-mart a looong time ago
Vest-Stolen from sister :) I think it originally came from Shopko? I have another one in gray and they are incredibly comfy because they have pockets :) I like pockets. My sister described it as being "soooo from the early 2000's" haha, I thought that was funny-and so true. The fabric, shape, etc. makes one feel like they should be in a pop video from 2001 :) haha
Jeans- Stolen from sister-They are No Boundaries jrs...haha oh naughty me wearing from the jrs section!
Boots-Ancient snowboots...don't remember

I want to start doing a daily verse...So I'm excited about that. Here is today's :D

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing me to his service.
1 Timothy 1:12

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