Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gray Day Outside :P

Today was a nice lazy day..:) I got to sleep in and hang out with the family a little bit! Then I finally decided to get dressed and take some pictures! The snow was up past our we didn't go very far! But my sister snapped some great shots! And then I had to go change because my bum got all wet...pooooo.

Tonight my sister and I are going to rent the Hannah Montanna movie and probably pig out or something Saturdayish like that...:)

Blue Cardigan- It's a mystery...I got it from mama a while back and she can't remember...haha
Jeans and Belt-Stolen from sister
Scarf-Christmas gift from a friend :)
Boots-Ancient snowboots, I don't remember!

Last night I made this really yummy Pear Berry cobbler-yuuum! If anyone is interested I can post the recipe as well-just let me know! It was diviiine.

Also there was this print in the snow right by our house...anyone think they know what it is? I was thinking racoon but I'm not sure...

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