Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Teehee...I'm cheap :)

Whew! Today was busy. I had lots to do, plus I had to teach :) Also, I should probably be sleeping right now instead of posting...but I want to! I think I had a lot more that I was going to say...But I don't really remember much of it right now. I'm excited for spring break next week! WOOOT!

I went to take pictures in the same spot today-up by the old pontoon (not a paddle boat as I had originally thought...there are just so many good places to set my camera! Also it takes a lot of shots to get a good one with a self timer...I get my work out trudging through the snow for every picture! :D Also my fingers nearly freeeeeze! I should find some cute gloves for tomorrow...

I tried a few shots at a little gazebo here in town too...but none of them really turned out...I thought I'd show you one anyway though to see the setting of it.

I tried some indoor shots too, but they looked bad as well-I just wasn't photogenic today! Guess I need more practice. My fiance was like "you took pictures today AGAIN?!" and I said "Of course! I'm going to everyday!" hahaha I guess maybe it is kind of silly to waste like 30 minutes every day taking pictures...but it's so much fun! And we have to have a little enjoyment in life right?

Anyways, I'm really excited to go home and spend some time with my family. I get to have my wedding dress fitted too!! So that's exciting :)

After being in my teaching outfit all day I was ready to change for the evening so the fiance and I could go see Recycled Percussion- a group that was 3rd on America's Got Talent and played on trash cans and whatnot-really really cool stuff! However now my poor little ears are ringing...
What I did for the outfit was just belt up my dress into a shirt and put jeans and a necklace on-viola!! super comfy :)

Scarf-I stole it from my mama’s prom dress :) I love the dress too..but it needs to be cleaned-it has something spilled on it :) Maybe I will wear it for you someday!

Dress worn as blouse-vintage-free from the flea market here in town-it even has slight shoulder pads but I love the silhouette!

Skirt- vintage-I got it from an old lady’s rummage sale. It has a matching scarf :)


Tights-Some dollar store at least 5 years ago

Flats-Old Navy-Thrifted


Coat-Pamida!! Yes….


Jeans- JC Penny


Whew!! Lots of clothing items today :)

Hope you guys are having a great week!
God bless :)

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