Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Break :)

I have to post quickly before I leave school to go home for spring break.I have all my pictures on my computer and it would be a pain to have to transfer them when I got home. I'm teaching twice today-once this morning and again in about a half hour-all fourth graders! Just as twins seemed to be Anne Shirley's lot in life, I am certain mine is fourth graders :)
But I had time to snap a few quick photos and I even got this remarkable one in midair! I don't know how that happened....:)

Scarf-K-mart?? OLD
Lime Green Cords-Stolen from sister
Shoes-Same old boots-Payless! Again, I actually wore ballet flats to teach in today :)

God Bless!! And I'm excited because I will have an actual photographer this week-my sister!! Hooray!!

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