Monday, April 19, 2010

TIE Conference

I know, I KNOW these pictures are horrible! But I was so tired after the Technology and Innovation in Education Conference today that I just came up to my room and snapped a few photos so I could put on sweats and eat oreos...seriously...I'm bad I know. These heels make me feel fabulous, but I didn't realize how much walking we'd be doing today and so I could probably have made a smarter shoe choice...But oh well! I'm just super tired and worn out from the day-but the presentation went so well! We had about 60+ people in attendance for our session and they were a great group of people! I even had people laughing once or twice! Which made me feel good :) I was nervous to present to teachers, since I am not one yet-but they were so receptive and I didn't even mess up like I expected to! So I was very happy with how it went-all glory to God though because I knew I would need His help-so lots of praying occurred before I spoke! Yay God!

Today's verse:
Isaiah 40:29
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Earrings- Studs from sister
Necklace- NY and Co.
Purple collared shirt- Walmart clearance (it is sleeveless which was very comfy)
Jacket- Target clearance
Skirt- Target Clearance
Black heels- Payless
Brown Bag- Flea Market (seriously I love this bag...lots)

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Krisken said...

look at you! straight off of walk street :)