Sunday, April 11, 2010

My hunny's birthday

It's my fiance's birthday today! He's turning 23 :) We went to church and then our adorable friend hanging out with us this weekend snapped a few quick photos of me-thanks Lovely! Today was very nice though- I love the warmer temps! Then we went out to eat at Perkins-I'm so stuffed! My fiance used to work there, so when they came out to sing him happy birthday the ENTIRE staff came out to sing and clap-the cooks, the manager, everyone! It was a fun time :) Now it's back to school and homework for another week-only three weeks of classes left-hurrah!!
God Bless!

Today's verse:
1 Chronicles 16:9
Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.

Earrings- Stolen from sister:)
Necklace- Flea market (you can't see it very well, but it's a chain that looks like a very thin belt with a buckle- I wear it as a necklace!)
Scarf- Thrifted
Sunglasses- Walmart
T-shirt- Target
Dress- Walmart clearance
Shoes- Thrifted- Old Navy (are you seeing a trend here with these shoes? I love them!)
Jean Jacket- Walmart? It's ooold

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