Saturday, March 5, 2011


Only one picture today, I've been working! I know I'm acting like a huge baby but I have never been in so much lower body pain in my life. I've worked two 8 hour shifts in a row, which isn't a lot for people that are used to it. However, when I've never had to work on my feet before it's quite the experience! I feel like I have two broken ankles and have been walking around like a crippled person. The job itself isn't that bad, I just need to get used to being on my feet and I'm sure I'll be fine. I like working with the customers. The tough thing is the fact that I'm a 'floater' in the store so today I was in three different departments. Two sections of the Men's dept. and then the Jr's dept. Yesterday I was in Ralph Lauren and Intimate Apparel. It's a lot to learn because each department is completely different in what needs to be done and how customers need to be helped. I hope it will come with experience! Today I had to help a bunch of guys with shoes and I had no idea what I was doing. I feel like such a burden to the people who I'm working with!
I do not work tomorrow, although I got asked by two other workers today if I could take their shifts. I probably should have taken it, but I said no. My feet need a rest and I work all next week. So I will definitely be blogging with pictures tomorrow!

I just need to be thinking of this verse while learning at work:

Proverbs 4:13
Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.

Love you all!
God Bless,

Here's an example of what I wear to work. This was last week. Today I actually wore a dress and a pretty scarf, but unfortunately I didn't get pictures. Maybe I'll recreate the outfit another time :)

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