Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What a strange day for weather! When I woke up this morning there was a thick blanket of white snow covering everything. As the day wore on for just a few hours the sun melted almost every last flake of the stuff! When the sun comes out it feels wonderful and warm, but the wind is still in the mix, which means I have watery-eyed pictures again...meh. Maybe I should start taking pictures inside until it gets warmer!

Not much to say today. I had today off so I did the dishes, made some lunch and ran a few errands. I went to the grocery store, but I think by the end of the day I will have to go back because out of my list of maybe 4 things of course I forgot something, haha. oooooh well :)

Have a sunny Tuesday Lovelies :D

Psalm 3:5
I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.

Because I'm weird like this, I wanted to post a picture of my yummy lunch-fried ham and pepperjack cheese sandwhich, with an apple and some more pepperjack :) One can never have too much of that stuff. Unless you try to make mac and cheese out of it....Sean and I learned that the hard way...

Earrings-Ortonville Corn Fest
Scarf-Gifted to me by my lovely sister :)
Jeggings-Charlotte Russe

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Brittany Johanson said...

Katie! so I just have to tell you how amazed I was to see you! I was just reading selective potential and I saw your picture and I could not believe it you! I think it is so great you are doing this. My sister megan and I have been thinking about starting a blog about sewing and thrifting and such. Its so great to hear that you are doing well!