Monday, November 8, 2010

Two For One

I had planned on wearing the jeans seen in the pictures to class today..but for reasons I'd rather not discuss I changed into a breezy skirt and flats at the last minute before heading out the door. I had already taken pictures of the jeans outfit though-so you get two outfits today! Aren't you lucky? I know, I know-this is turning into the best day ever right?
haha...but what a lovely day it is outside! Are we sure this is November? Because 66 degrees in November has got to be a record for SD...right? Anyway I'm loving it. I felt sort of summery today in my outfit, but decided that it was so nice outside we might as well deny the fact that it isn't summer anymore and just enjoy the clear blue skies!

Anyone else hate it when you get a bad bag of radishes? You start cutting into them and there ends up being more scraps than edible parts of the radish and then you cry a little bit (ok..not really) But I love those little vegetables!

Well, it's that time of day again, homework and dishes. Hope you're having a splendid Monday and God Bless!

Romans: 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[i] have been called according to his purpose.

Earrings- Forever 21
Blouse- Dollar Store
Scarf- Thrifted, Ragstock
Belt- Thrifted
Purse- From our dress up box at home :)
Jeans- JC Penny
Skirt- Hand me down
Wedges- Thrifted

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passionfruitfreak said...

Guess what... your blog always makes me smile :)