Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh what a day, what a day! I am still needing to do dishes and fold laundry and work on homework...bleeeeehh.
I actually would have a lot more homeork due, but all of my professors today decided to push back their deadlines!! I was so happy. Praise God!
I had to interview a teacher after school today for an assignment so I went with a more professional look than usual. Still loving the gorgeous weather!
God Bless

Psalm 3: 3-4
But you, LORD, are a shield around me,
my glory, the One who lifts my head high.
I call out to the LORD,
and he answers me from his holy mountain.

I've been thiking a lot about God's voice, and how some people seen to hear it so clearly, while others not at all. How is that so? Are those people more religious or closer to God? Only God knows that. I've been thinking about this because there are some major life changes happening right now with career paths and moving and just wondering what in the world to do with my life. Luckily I have a wonderful hubby to help care for me and make those decisions with me. Still I just have times when I wish that God would speak to me, out loud, blunt as can be and tell me what He wants me to do. Any of you that know me well know that I need lots of direction and don't really get subtleties that well..So I just need God to be like, "ok look-this is the path you should take, now get on it and try to stay on it, ok?" haha-that would work so much better than me fretting over things that I have no control over!
Anyone else with me on this one? Or is it just me?
I'm not extremely eloquent, so forgive me. But I just loved the way this verse reassures me that when I call out to Him, He will hear me and answer me. I just have to trust that the decisions I make are of the Lord and not of my own selfishness. Just food for thought :)

Jeans- Target
Shoes- Payless
Belt- Thrifted

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