Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bugs in your shoes

I put my foot into my shoes and felt something, so I took them off to shake it out....and it was one of those icky asian beetles that seen to be infesting our house! Blech...They're everywhere! Well, I suppose this is just more fodder for Sean's fire when he says that I need to throw these shoes out. He called them "five shades of dirty" But what can I say, I love these! I finally have them broken in, they are comfortable, AND (before the dirt) they go with everything I own. Can't get much better than that.

I wish I could float around in dainty dresses and tights like many of the other bloggers I see, but really-in SD? It's just too cold I say. My limbs would fall off. Besides, these jeans have been with me (and my sister) since...oooh middle school? We each bought a pair and I wore mine out pretty well. She ended up giving me her pair too when she didn't want them anymore, so this is her pair! haha...we have a few items of clothing with the same story.

Well, we're supposed to get snow and such tomorrow, so I hope everyone has safe travels to wherever you're going for Thanksgiving! Sean and I have only about an hour to drive.


It's all about giving thanks this week!

1 Chronicles 16:34
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Blazer-Vintage, thrifted
Shoes- Payless

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