Friday, January 6, 2012

My Exciting Life

I get kind of bored with what I wear to school. I wish I could wear all of my favorite vintage clothing and accessories, but I simply don't want to ruin them with all of my sitting on the floor with kids, getting sneezed and coughed on, working with paint and markers, etc. I just go for comfy while I'm at school :)
Hopefully this weekend I will get to wear something fun (in the midst of doing homework of course...).

I really have nothing else exciting going on right at this moment. I'm so focused on my teaching work sample that I don't really have room in my brain for much else. The example of a teaching work sample that I looked at was around 60 pages! Yikes...I'm not ready for that. The TWS needs to be 10 lessons long and has to include an assessment for each lesson (which is tough for first grade!). It also needs to include a report on the contextual factors (which is more or less the makeup of your community, school, classroom and students and how that affects your teaching strategies), and data and analysis regarding the knowledge your students had before you taught the unit and after you taught the unit (basically, did you succeed or fail in teaching your students). Whew! Now that I've thoroughly bored you with what is going on in my life...

I hope you all had a great week :)
God Bless!

1 Peter 1:14-16
As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”

Blouse-Vintage, thrifted
Leggings- Macy's
Boots- Walmart


Marisa Noelle said...

Oh yes I quite remember before I was a stay at home mom that clothes for elem. school work are very different from what I would actually want to wear on a daily basis...that being pretty vintage skirts & dresses...hehe. I really love your outfit here though...the layering is right on & that blue is such a great color on you. Lovely cardi as well! Happy weekend!

MarieStella said...

amazing boots and blue top!! love teh cardigan!!