Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pictures are my FAVORITE. If you couldn't tell...

Sean and I have a busy day ahead of us! We went to church, found a fun little trail/soccer field to take pictures at, and made a yummy lunch of grilled chicken sandwiches! On the agenda yet is to do some shopping, homework, more shopping, and dishes. And laundry! Whew! We'd better get started....

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits! I've had this blouse and this skirt for years, but I have never paired them together-which is craziness because they seem to be perfect for each other! All of the seaming on the blouse and the skirt just pair so well together and I can't believe how vintage clothes seem to be made for me sometimes. The skirt was found at a rummage sale, and the blouse at an elderly lady's home that we were cleaning out. Love it.

Earrings-Gifted to me by my lovely sister :)
Skirt-Vintage, rummage sale
Cardigan-Vintage, from Sean

You get two sets of pictures today! Aren't you just the most excited you've ever been? I knew it ;). I took a bunch of pictures at the diner last night. So fun! We had the most delicious food, sweet, over-the-top desserts, and great laughs! Jeni and I both got Shirley Temples, and of course I drank way too much because there were free refills-ummm, awesomeness? I got the most delicious thing on the menu, and I'm pretty sure my new favorite food. It was called the hot mashed potato and fried chicken wrap. It was so, so good! I just sat there 'mmmm'-ing with my eyes closed because I've never had anything like it. All of my favorite foods wrapped into one-mashed potatoes, fried chicken, I'm drooling just writing this. After supper we had to get dessert of course! They were as delicious as they were pretty to look at :) It was a great night :) Thanks to Jen for taking us out!!! WE LOOOVED IT!

This was my dessert-it was a whatchamacallit shake-with nuts, caramel, chocolate and rice krispies-yum!

Jeni got a brownie sundae, it was pretty delicious-I definitely stole a little bit of it from her...;)

Here was my amazing wrap-best comfort food ever!

My sisters are so beautiful, I wish I got to see both of them more often!

Hope you all have a happy Sunday :) It's gorgeous here-I hope the weather is as fine where you are!
God Bless!

A verse from church today:
2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

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