Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kids Say the Cutest Things!

So, you know it's going to be a good day when the dream you're startled awake from is you getting eaten alive by a tiger. It's a very promising start to one's morning. That and the fact that I had to be to work super early this morning because there was a big sale and we were opening early. bleh. I was also not prepared to have to scrape thick layers of ice off of my car this morning! I have literally already put away my gloves-I guess it was wishful thinking. All in all work wasn't too bad though. I get to work in the kids department, so it's always fun to listen to the funny things that kids say. One little girl brought a bunch of toys and staked out her territory in the baby clothes while her mother shopped. I went over to put away some clothes and she said to me "May I play with my toys here?" I said yes :) haha and she said "Oh, thank you very much :)" In just the sweetest little voice! What a darling. This other family that I was helping had three boys, and the littlest one was just a doll, he kept putting his tiny hand on my shoulder and then smiling with his adorable dimples! Augh, so cute! A third little girl was shopping with her mom and kept saying things like "mom, look at that pink dress, I bet I can wear that when I grow up!" bahaha! I had to cherish these little funny moments so I wouldn't go crazy while at work!

So, I haven't been buying much of anything lately. I've been sticking to my thrifting budget of 10 dollars a month, but haven't bought anything else. Well, yesterday Sean (I'm sure he regretted this later) Showed me a card we got in the mail from Kohl's. It was a 10 dollar gift, no purchase necessary! (what?!). So I figured I could go in and buy something that was like 11 dollars or something like a scarf. Sadly, they didn't have any spring scarves so of course I sauntered over to shoes. Sigh....I've been coveting these wedges on other bloggers for months and just drooling over them-and they happened to be on clearance!!!! So Sean let me buy them. They were a little more than 10 dollars.....but it was totally worth it! The funny thing is that I ended up getting them in an 8 1/2! Since I usually wear a 10 I would have to say that Vera Wang must run really big. They are a little snug, and I probably would have gotten a size 9, but since 8 1/2 was the largest they had I took it! They are perfect and comfy and I cannot WAIT to wear them non stop. You may just get sick of seeing them on my feet..:)

Alright lovelies, time to get my Saturday lazy on!
God Bless,

Matthew 19:14
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Sweater-Hand me down
Jeans-NY and Company
Shoes-Simply Vera, Vera Wang. Kohl's

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