Friday, February 7, 2014

Remix Friday- Grandma's Teal Coat

A very happy Friday to you all! Today's remix is another wintry one. This teal coat is one of my prized possessions. Described by my grandmother as her "first grown up coat", this teal trench coat made out of wool with a satin lining is truly special. She said it was the coat she got when she became a young adult and I can only imagine how stylish she must have looked while wearing it. It has slightly puffed sleeves and perfect pockets. Not to mention the length is absolutely spot on for wearing with all of my vintage skirts and dresses. Somehow she managed to keep this beauty in fabulous shape and I plan on doing the same. 

It is extremely interesting to me to see the progression of my style through these photos. When I first started blogging nearly four years ago I knew so much less about my personal style than I do now. This coat has always been a favorite though, through style thick and style thin!

God Bless and happy weekend!

Proverbs 21:21
Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.


Marlen said...

woah, your grandma had impeccable taste for choosing such a pretty coat! i love the soft shade of it- it makes those winter wardrobes more colorful :) and it was fun seeing all the different ways you styled it, i never noticed how brightly you dress, it's so awesome!

xo marlen
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Jennifer Rainey said...

Wow, what a stunning coat! The color is just beautiful. How lucky you are to have inherited such a wonderful piece!


Kezzie said...

It's lovely! I still have a shirt and jewellery belonging to but not much else!

Ali Hval said...

Oh wow, that piece really is lovely--and like you said, it looks to be in perfect condition! I love that you've got so many great pieces that are in such a fine condition. The color of it is way neat, too, and I love that you paired it with a hot pink skirt in that one look.

I'm liking your new lineup of all these posts. I'm amazed that you're able to keep up with it--have a great weekend, Katie!! <3

JennaStevie said...

I always forget to include my coats in my outfit posts, why! This jacket is seriously amazing, what a great colour and it's wonderful that it was your grandma's :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I do love the striking simplicity in the first photo here!!!