Thursday, February 20, 2014

Inspiration Thursday: Late 1920's Dress

Something I love about vintage is how one item on it's own can be so inspirational. There are so many elements which make it special. The cut of the garment, embellishments, fabrics, design, and colors are so fantastic. I could just gush about it for ages. This particular dress is one that I bought at a flea market. I had walked around to all the different vendors, becoming disappointed because there weren't any clothing vendors there that day. I passed by a furniture vendor and noticed a large cardboard box labeled, "clothing" near a cabinet. I decided to browse through it and what I found was quite exciting. This 1920's/early 30's dress was in the box, quite rumpled up. Along with it were several turn of the century items, including blouses, jackets, and skirts. According to the labels of the items, there are a couple from around 1890. As far as I can tell they are not reproduction. This dress is particular is exquisite, but obviously falling apart. I dare not even put it on for fear that it will just disintegrate. I would love to do a photoshoot with it someday though. The dress is adorned with such exquisite detail I could look at it all day long. I decided if I couldn't wear it, it would hang on my wall so that I could be constantly inspired by its beauty.
One of my pet peeves when looking for vintage clothing is finding items that were obviously not taken care of or shoved places and crumpled up. I realize that most people aren't as passionate about old clothing as I am, so they probably don't care if they just shove it in a corner, but it is just such a shame when you find pieces like this full of tears and shreds. It's loveliness shines through, even through the wrinkles.


God Bless!

1 John 4:11-12
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Marlen said...

aww i know, it's always so disappointing when you see that type of damage. how do you even begin to repair a material like that? but that's such a gorgeous find- i LOVE the hem detailing! it's very great gatsby

xo marlen
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Jacqueline said...

what a beautiful, special dress. i love that you're displaying it on your wall!

Jenny Rainey said...

Oh, it breaks my heart to see this kind of damage to such a gorgeous vintage piece. I was just at an antique show over the weekend and saw what could have been a stunning 1950s sun dress, but it just hadn't been taken care of well enough (and my meager mending skills certainly couldn't have saved it!)

At least you saved this beauty from any further damage and put it somewhere were people can see it and appreciate its beauty. :)


Cathy said...

What a shame. It looks like such a beautiful dress!

Laura Whitman said...

This is so pretty and heartbreaking - I feel the same way about vintage clothes, they should be respected - oh, if everyone thought that way.