Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Wind

It is so super windy out today! Mix that with temps under 20 degrees and you have one cold girl. It's a good thing I made sure my hair was dry before going outside or it would have turned into little icicles!

How was your week? Somehow I can't believe it's Friday already! I feel like I do nothing throughout the week except the dishes and laundry-and looking for a job! I really need one of those...

Sean and I have plans with a couple of his friends tonight to go to Chedds. It's this restaurant that is all about gourmet grilled cheese! I haven't been there yet, but I'm pretty sure you can get any type of cheese on any type of bread that you want-it better be good because Sean sure has made it sound like the greatest thing in the world! Of course he's a guy...and what guy doesn't love fried cheese?

I love mixing colors that shouldn't really go together. The stripes on my shirt are red and my sweater is orange, but the stripes are so muted that I think it works! I also threw a little green in the mix with my scarf. :) This is such a comfy outfit too! Perfect for curling up with some hot chocolate on the couch and reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" which I received from Sean's parents for Christmas. However, I also have to be on guard for the maintenance guy coming to fix our patio door lock as well. He came to fix it yesterday and left and said it was fixed...but it still won't lock and that makes me nervous. It will lock for about one tug, but if you tug just a little harder it comes right open. So hopefully that will get taken care of today!

I sliced my finger open today using one of those apple slicers. I thought those were supposed to make it easier so that you didn't cut yourself with a knife? I guess I'm just not good with sharp objects...hmmm...But it's a pretty small cut so it shouldn't cause too much trouble :)

Well, the sun is peeking out and I want to get some more reading done while it's still light out! Our place doesn't have good lighting so when it gets dark outside it's hard to read much of anything. Have a lovely day!
God Bless,

Psalm 72:17
May his name endure forever; may it continue as long as the sun. Then all nations will be blessed through him, and they will call him blessed.

Earrings: Corridor of Hope
Blouse-Charlotte Russe
Sweater-Flea market (1$!!)
Scarf-vintage, Thrifted
Jeans-Old Navy-Thrifted
Boots-Walmart (3$!!)


Annebeth said...

that orange color and the wind blowing in your hair are divine! love it!

Alexandra Rose said...

I see grass!! That is just not fair..

How wonderful to have such beautiful hair to dance in the wind. You are lovely!