Monday, January 31, 2011


This past weekend went a little differently than planned. Sean and I were supposed to spend time hanging out with our amazing sisters, which we did, only my poor sister came down with a fever :( I was so glad that we were there to take care of her though because she was pretty ill, and I hate being alone when I'm sick. Pray for her please! I spent a little time with her watching some silly movies at least-anyone remember 'Principal Takes a Holiday'? Ya, be jealous. :)

We did get to hang out with Sean's sister and her boyfriend though which was a blast! We stayed up late watching movies and talking and I must say they fed us very well-French bread pizza anyone? Ummm....YES PLEASE! We laughed about their crazy cat, talked about school and such and just hung out-it was great :) I love getting to know Sean's family more. It was such a worry for me at first because I'm pretty shy, but his family has always made me feel very welcome and comfortable and I'm so grateful for that! :)

I hope you all had a good weekend and are having a great Monday!

Psalm 86:5
You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.

Today's outfit was inspired by the snow. I wanted a deep, saturated color that would pop against the glorious white, and I've been waiting to wear this dress for some time now. I pulled it off of the free rack at our flea market/thrift store in town and it has a couple tiny stains on the top of the dress-but nothing that can't be covered by a sweater or scarf! I adore the flowing tiers near the bottom of the dress and the color is just gorgeous, I couldn't pass it up...especially for the price!

The snowflakes outside are just stunning. They are those perfect little flakes that aren't all clumped together, so you can see each and every detail of each tiny flake that drops from the sky. I always loved it when I was little and they would fall on my gloves. I would just stare at them until they melted, trying to find two that were the same, admiring God's artistry :) It always amazed me how something so little could have so much detail, which makes me think about how much more amazing it is that we are made up of so many little cells and DNA that God also put together much more intricately that a snowflake. Creation is beautiful is it not? :)

Gloves-Vintage-belonged to my grandmother :)
Sweater-JC Penny-$1
Belt-Vintage, thrifted
Dress-Flea market-Free!

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Sarah Mae said...

Your outfit today matches your blog! The colors and whatnot! :) <3