Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hair Tutorial: 1940's Bumper Bangs

Hello there all! It's been a while since I made a hair tutorial (mainly because I am so bad at them!) but I thought I'd show how I style 1940's bumper bangs. I always get asked if I use any hair fillers like netting, etc. to achieve volume. I do not use fillers, I just rat and roll :) so hopefully this will be easy peasy for you too. Enjoy and have a great Tuesday! 

God bless,

Philippians 2:5
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Lucy in the Sky said...

Loved this tutorial, great job! Your bumper bangs look just perfectly gorgeous and I love that little trick about the hidden bobby pins. Very clever!

Emileigh said...

I have SUCH trouble with this, so I'm going to have to re-try with the hidden bobby pins!

Alexandra Marie said...

Look SO cute on you! Alex