Monday, September 29, 2014

Outfit: Walking Yearbook

Hey there lovelies! I prematurely wore a fall weather outfit a couple of weeks ago consisting of a wool skirt and sweater. This time of year is such that it is cold in the morning and blisteringly hot in the afternoon, so getting dressed is always a guessing game. I simply couldn't wait to wear this blouse/sweater/shoe combination though with my latest style obsession in full force. I just want to look like I stepped out of a yearbook in the 1940's, is that so wrong?

I found this blouse at a thrift store about a month ago, and I have already worn it about twice a week since I got it. It is perfect and wonderfully layer-able. Not to mention it was only cost a dollar, so I am happy as a lark. It goes so well under sweaters and cardigans and gives off that perfect celluloid collar vibe of past decades that I so love. I found this pendant necklace randomly stuck in an envelope hidden in a suitcase at my grandmother's old house. Technically my friend Rachelle was the one with sleuthing prowess to find it for me. I want to know the story behind it you guys! Did it belong to my great-grandmother? Was it a gift, did it mean something special? Where did it come from? Oh if things of the past could talk!

Have a great Monday, all!
God Bless,

Luke 1:52
He has brought down rulers from their thrones
    but has lifted up the humble.

Blouse- Vintage, Thrifted. Similar
Sweater- Vintage, Thrifted. Similar Here and Here 
Coat- Vintage,Thrifted. Similar
Skirt- Vintage, Rummage Sale. Similar 
Socks- Vintage.
Shoes- Payless. Similar
Sunglasses- Old pair of mine. Similar 


Jenny (Singing Bird Vintage) said...

This outfit is just perfect, and it makes me so eager for cooler weather to just hurry up and get here! (I'm wearing a wool skirt to work today; I just couldn't wait anymore!)

I love the color palette of this look with the cool blue and gray, and I can see why you fancy that blouse so much--such a pretty collar!


Emileigh said...

You DO look like a yearbook picture, and it's totally fabulous!

Kristian said...

It does look like (in the best way) you stepped out of an old yearbook. So fun!

Savvy Spinster Vintage said...

I think that's a great way to go about dressing, especially for the fall! This outfit is wonderful! I love how the socks and sweater match so nicely! :-)

Cora Noelle said...

Oh I absolutely adore this look! It does look so much like the style of those year book pictures you blogged about a while ago! I love the combination, and aren't those shirts with fancy collars just the best?!

Marlen said...

You look EXACTLY like someone right out of a yearbook picture- I think it's the lovely lace collar that tips the scales for me and gives that 40's vibe. That and your wool skirt paired with your oxfords. Ugh you just have the best vintage wardrobe- I can't even imagine how your closet looks like. I'm guessing wonderland-y :)

xo marlen
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