Saturday, June 1, 2013

House Happy

I always have to mend my clothing the morning I want to wear it. Do any of you other vintage lovers find this to be true? Little holes are always popping up in clothing that is 50-60 years old. This particular sweater tends to get small holes around the neck. My grandmother wore it in the early 60's and it is one of my most favorite sweaters. It is so light and perfect for summer. I've always loved the combination of red and mint. I kind of want this to be my kitchen color scheme someday in our home- wouldn't that just be the bees knees? I have all these retro decorating ideas for our home that will probably never come to fruition-but it's fun to dream right?

Soooooo.....drum rolll....
We closed on our house on Friday! It is officially our home :) We had our realtor and friend take some pics of us on Friday to commemorate the occasion. The closing actually took a really long time. We were supposed to close at 2 pm and didn't end up leaving the office until around 5 pm. We gave our banker a pretty short time frame so they were still getting papers and such ready with the underwriters. It was a close call! In the end though all of the papers were signed and we had the keys to our home. 

We spent some time Friday evening at the house cleaning and getting prepped to move this week. The house was actually ridiculously clean-the previous owners left it in wonderful condition which is always such a blessing! We just basically wiped down everything and vacuumed so it could be ready for when we move in. 
Another exciting thing happened too. On our way to do a final walk-through on the home we stopped at a garage sale just down the street from our new place and found something we had been looking into buying for a while-a new couch! It is one of those huge L-shaped couches that will go in our basement and will be perfect for company! It was totally a fun surprise. We got a great deal on it and we only have to move it down the street! I love that God likes to bless us with little happy things like that :)

Today will be packing like mad and preparing for a family gathering on Sunday. My sister who has been gone for nearly a year on a mission trip is coming home on Sunday! I absolutely cannot wait to see her and it will be great to have everyone together again for the first time in a year :)
Feeling blessed :D


Psalm 71:8
My mouth is filled with thy praise, and with thy glory all the day.

Sweater- Grandmother's
Skirt- Vintage, from a friend
Shoes- Maurice's, Thrifted
Bag- Vintage Coach
Jacket- Vintage, Ragstock


Keit said...

Happy new home you gorgeous swan, you! ^_^
Adore the pretty sweater and skirt. Yeah, I have a fluffy sweater that has HUUUGE holes in it, but I wear it anyway :-D

irene wibowo said...

pretty house! :) love it! :) congrats for your new home! :)

Irene Wibowo

Sea of Teal said...

Congrats to the new house! It looks amazing and I love the blue painting!
I had so much to do the past time I haven't had the chance to visit you blog. :(
I wish you all the best with your new home! :)
Have a great weekend.

Ali Hval said...

Oh my goooosh! Congrats on finally getting the key to your house and good luck packing this week. I'm sure it'll go smoothly, and hopefully you'll discover some new things while packing away. ;) haha, it's always fun to see what things you can find in the crevices of your current home when you pack things. Surprise!

I adore that sweater so much. It looks perfect with your aqua skirt. Red and aqua really are perfect colors together!

Kristian said...

Wow- so excited for you both as new home owners and for getting to see your sister so soon!

I never knew that mending was such a regular part of your routine. Also- this color combination is very unexpected but so fun!

Stephanie / Cocochic said...

Love the jacket!

JennaStevie said...

Sooo exciting to get the keys to your home!! I absolutely love the photos of you two in front of your new home.
I absolutely love the combination of mint and red and think it would be absolutely perfect in a kitchen! This sweater is wonderful and i love it even more because its from your grandmother!

Sabrina said...

Congrats on that beautiful blue house! I'm actually really amused by how blue it is. And your jacket and shoes are adorable too!


Laura said...

You look absolutely adorable! I am loving this combo - the red and mint is perfect!

CONGRATULATIONS! eeeep! That is so exciting and the house just looks so adorable - the blue is such a fantastic color! Blessings to both of you!


Linda Greaves said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Congrats!! :D It looks like such a lovely house too!
I love your fun mix of mint and red too - such a great color combination

Trendy Teal

Midwest Muse said...

First, your hair!! Where do you get these styles? My sister is really into similar looks and I'd love to show her these!

Secondly, this skirt is perfect and the color combo is so unique.

Lastly, YOUR HOUSE! I'm obsessed with the color and I think it's so fun to see what houses in other places look like because they're always so different. Anyways, congrats and I hope you share some more of it in the future. :)

Pooja Mittal said...

Great blog..

May be we can follow each other...

Imogen said...

I love your top so much and that's really special that your grandmother wore it too. I totally must try red with mint, what a fabulous combination. Congratulations on your house. You look amazing against the lovely blue shade.

Bethie The Boo said...

Congratulations!!! It looks like a wonderful first home! I am so happy for you! Enjoy every minute of making it your own!

Jessica Swenson said...

Oooh congratulations on the house Katie! I can't wait to see it all put together! I love that blazer you're wearing too by the way!

Molie said...

What a bright and pretty outfit, you look like you just stepped off the set of Madmen. :)

Congratulations on your house! How exciting!