Friday, June 21, 2013

Building Up

During my couple of days off from the play earlier this week I was so excited to just dress down and let my hair go product and hairspray free. Sometimes it's nice to just be simple :)
This is another blouse I received from my wonderful friend Candice! She knew it was perfect for me because well, butterflies hello! Also it's one of my very favorite colors and is so perfect and light for summer.

So ladies, can we talk about dressing rooms for just a moment? The other day when my sister and I were shopping there was a woman who asked for my opinion on a pair of pants. I told her how nice they looked on her figure and she just proceeded to say how she had to cover her fat butt and hips. This woman was beautiful, probably about my size and had no reason to say that about herself. More and more I hear these types of comments while in the dressing room. Women constantly cutting themselves down and making comments like, "Oh I can't zip this dress up because I'm so fat" and on and ON. Sometimes I just want to yell across the room at them, "You are beautiful and stop fishing for compliments!" Because, really that is the only thing that puts any ugliness on your face at all- a bad attitude and harsh words coming out of your mouth will make others see those things in you. You can know that you are beautiful without having to force others to tell you that you are. When I do give someone a complement, it is their immediate reaction to contradict me. If I tell them they have pretty hair they say, "No, it's frizzy" and so on.
I'm not saying I've never acted this way, but I've come to realize that that behavior has got to change and I'm working on it. It doesn't do any good to complain about your appearance, it isn't as if your fairy godmother will hear you and remove a few inches from your waist. All it does is foster dislike for yourself and put down all of the good things about you. 

This is a verse that I absolutely love.
Ephesians 4:29
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

 There is no need for any discouraging words to pass through our lips-it isn't helpful. What we need to do is edify one another in our strengths and attributes, to recognize in what areas others need encouragement and to build them up in that area. And that includes ourselves. You know yourself and what traits you dislike. Don't let any bad thoughts about those traits cloud your mind to the great things about you. 
And DON'T talk about them in the dressing room. 
I may slap you.

Thanks to my sister Jeni for the beautiful photos and inspiration to write this post!

God Bless all you TRULY LOVELY ladies (and men?) out there!

Blouse- Gift
Skirt- Grandmother's
Shoes- Payless


Immortality Passion said...

Your hair is beautiful. Love this simple but lovely look :)

Bethie The Boo said...

Lovely blouse, it really suits you well!

And I agree about dressing rooms.

Ali Hval said...

Oh Katie, you are so right. I just hate it when people put themselves down! I say that as someone who I'm sure you know isn't always super confident with themselves, but I always keep those thoughts to mysel because I know how they can just cause a domino effect on other people's own thoughts.

I adore how you told that lady in the dressing room that she looked well, but I'm sorry she still tore herself down. I, too, always try to go out of my way to compliment people when I can, just because I myself know how difficult it is to accept yourself. I've come to learn to surround myself in positive happy people. And yeah, it's true that you can't change everyone's attitude into something positive instantly, but it's always nice to try. YOU'RE SO SWEET AND LOVELY and I just askdjkdhfksdf so many feelings for this post right now!

Keep being lovely (I know you will!) and hopefully your loveliness will rub off onto others and the world will be a happier place just because of your darling, sweet little actions and words. :)


PS) I love simple your Katie outfit, by the way. :D I can't get over HOW LONG your hair is! Girl, it's gorgeous!! You need to be a mermaid for Halloween. :)

Also, I'm totally taking you up for that ice cream date. When I get to travel the US one day, I'll stop by ya and we can devour ice cream topped with cookie dough and fudge sauce and NOT complain about how it's going to go to our hips, yeah? ;D

Jacqueline said...

loved this, katie! thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, your hair is just so long and so pretty! And that shirt - so adorable!

And you are so right, chica. We need to remember that speaking words of kindness isn't just true towards other people, but to our self as well! Thanks for this reminder, hon! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rachel Sullivan said...

I love these shades of blue on you! I often hear that dressing room talk even around the blogosphere! Like "Oh just ignore how ugly my hair is in this picture." I literally wouldn't have noticed it if nothing had been said! Now I'm looking for the imperfection you see.


Charmaine said...

What an appropriate verse. I really agree with your sentiments expressed here. Well said!

Sammi said...

Goodness gracious, you have beautiful hair. And I love that blouse. I haven't experienced that kind of thing in a dressing room, but I do notice those kinds of comments from women a lot, or self-deprecating humor type things. I've gotten much better at accepting compliments as I've gotten older and more confident in myself, for sure. I don't like to air my feelings in the open if I feel insecure about part of myself. I don't think it's a very attractive quality, so I know what you mean about getting frustrated when other people do that kind of thing! I want us all to feel beautiful all the time.

xox Sammi

Linda Becaca said...

I'm gonna get all Baptist right now and just say, "Amen sister, preach it!"
Haha, seriously, I hate how derogatory so many of our comments are about OURSELVES. Its really unhelpful and doesn't build up anyone. If anything, it can make others do a double take and wonder what they might look like to others when someone who's perfectly fine starts complaining about their appearance. That's my reaction at least.
When someone gives a compliment, I've learned to just smile and say, "Thank you." Its ALL RIGHT to accept a compliment ladies! Haha, I think this mentality should be shared with everyone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it Katie! I completely agree.
Oh, and right, this is an outfit post ;)
I haven't seen your hair down in a long time it seems! Its so long 0_o And gorgeous! Haha, what a pretty butterfly print top too

Trendy Teal

JennaStevie said...

I really hate it when people put themselves down or can't take a compliment. I try to just thank people, even if it is a compliment on something I don't feel particularly confident about. It makes me very uncomfortable when people start putting themselves down like that, I don't know what to say!!
I love this butterfly blouse, such a beautiful colour and print on you!!

Kelly said...

I must admit, I've said things like that when getting dressed...but I completely agree with you here. Comments like that aren't healthy. Everyone is beautiful!!

Love the color of your butterfly top here!!

<3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

Elana said...

Oh man, I remember show weeks all too well. Just that feeling of getting to wash all of the hairspray out was too good haha

Your friend knows you well! This top is not only adorable, but it's very Katie!

The Rag Trade said...

You are so beautiful! While we're on the topic of beauty haha. The colour of your top looks great on you! And you speak true words dear, the most beautiful people are the ones who are admirable on the inside, for then their beauty pours out of them!

Midwest Muse said...

I agree with this post so much. Not even just in a dressing room, but in every DAY life. It's kind of disheartening and a little hard to keep trying to dig up compliments for these people. It's sad that so many women are unwilling to admit their attributes and so quick to announce their flaws. I think it's a serious issue within society.

Anyways, your top is lovely and I think that color suits you.