Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Alright folks, I'm just gonna lay it out there that moving puts you off your blogging game. I haven't had a chance to take photos, or even really get dressed in actual clothing for the past couple of weeks! Mostly because I can't find it and it's all in boxes at the moment....I'm working on it! At any rate, here are some photos from a few weeks ago when I visited home. I pulled out this vintage wool suit (1960's?)  for a rainy and very windy day.

This hairstyle is such a fun and easy one to accomplish-I'll have to add it to the que of tutorials I'm working on for all of you!

My favorite thrift store has the best suits. I love suits because I have the option of wearing the pieces as separates, but there is something so special about wearing it as an ensemble. When I saw this one I couldn't stop admiring it- seafoam green, herringbone, pencil skirt that fit like a glove? Yep, I really didn't have an option-it was coming come with me!

I took some shots of my BEAUTIFUL mama when I was at home. She has the prettiest smile on teh planet :)

And she knows how to work the camera ;)

Love her!

I hope you all are having a nice week! The play opens this week and runs for two weeks, so that will take up most of my time (along with unpacking...haha). If I'm a bit absent, you'll know why, but things will be back to normal soon! :)

God Bless!

Psalm 46:5-6
God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, just at the break of dawn.  The nations raged, the kingdoms were moved; He uttered His voice, the earth melted.

Suit- Vintage, thrifted
Sweater- Grandmother's
Shoes- Thrifted
Bag- Vintage Coach


Kristian said...

I love that you got your mom onto the blog. I'd love to get mine because she is gorgeous (like yours!) but camera shy.

You work the pencil skirt/60s look like no other, Katie.

Good luck as you continue to move!

JennaStevie said...

I love this look, so very classic!! That jacket is gorgeous and love the colour of your skirt. I can imagine that moving would make it tough to get time in for blogging!
Your mom does have a gorgeous smile :D

Rachel Sullivan said...

I love how you and your mom are both rockin the monochrome (dare I say MOMochrome?) look!


Taylor Laree said...

Loving the green. I've had such a crush on anything that soft green color lately. It's just such a pretty spring color!

Flounces & Hubbub

Elana said...

Hope the move is going well so far! These colors are so lovely. And oh my, your hair! I always love seeing your hairstyles and this one is definitely a new favorite of mine!

Sea of Teal said...

Ah, It's so wonderful when you smile! You look so pretty!
I love the combination of camel and mint and the jacket! Wow, I love, love, love your jacket! A great piece!
Hope your move is going well! :)



Nita Pashteit said...

Thank you for your sweet comment and for following my blog, Katie.
Your style is beyond lovely, it's ladylike and feminine and eclectic and all sorts of good things - I had to follow right back! :)

Ali Hval said...

My goodness, you always find the BEST little blazers. That one is so darling and it's even mint, ee! And those pictures of your mom are too precious. What a happy momma :)

Oooh!! So my mom and I went to the thrift store today and searched through ALL sorts of blazers and so all I could think of was you, haha. :) I ended up getting a beautiful wool plaid skirt for $1.50... and I can't wait to wear it this winter (or maybe on a cool summer day if I'm lucky, lol).

Marlen said...

I seriously am straight up LUSTING over your closet. I can't even. And your hair tutorials are my favorite part of this blog- keep em coming!

Also, I feel your packing pain. What's worse, my new apartment has a teenie tiny closet so I feel like I STILL can't find anything haha!

xo marlen
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Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

aww fun to see your mom on here, I can def see the resemblance, you both are beautiful women w/ great smiles! the suit it AMAZING, time and again i'm jealous of your thrift stores. I esp love the print on the coat & the skirt does fit you like a glove. love your shoes w/ it as well, def an outfit I could love myself. And finally, I had to run over here to say what, katie!? !? swimming is so fun in summer! and the best exercise (I say from back when I actually used to swim laps, but keep meaning to get back into it : ). I'd def rec finding a good one-piece (seem to be many more options now than when I was in HS... that was always a dread finding a decent one). and then some swimming shorts maybe? I love swimming around in my silly thrifted floral ones I wore all over our Puerto Rico and Hawaii trips. but ok anyway maybe i'm freaking out too much adn you dont have as many pools around there like we do here, but swimming at the community pool on weekends growing up as a staple for me : )
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Linda Becaca said...

Aw, I love that you included your mom in this post! She definitely has a lovely smile - I can see where you get yours :)
This mint skirt is just so pretty! I really love this hairstyle too, I'd definitely try it if you posted a tutorial on it ;)

Trendy Teal

The Rag Trade said...

This outfit is so perfect and you look great! I love the colours and the whole look is oh so classy! And you and your Mom are too cute together, you look truly happy :)

Laura said...

You looks so adorable! I really love that suit - the green is just the prettiest color ever! Also, those pictures of your momma are just the cutest!

Good luck as you continue moving!


Keit said...

Moving is one of the few things that sucks when you have a new home. Especially if you have a lot of junk like me :D
You look stunning dear, that brown top is extraordinary O_O

Bethie The Boo said...

Super cute picture of you and your mom!! She does have a fantastic smile!!

And unpacking can take forever - take your time, your blog will be waiting for you when you're ready!

Kitty Cat Stevens said...

i love this outfit! and your hair always looks so pretty and exciting. i really like that you shared pics of you + your mom, you two are adorable and look so happy!