Monday, June 17, 2013


Well, did you all have a splendid weekend? Mine went so quickly! I had five shows of the play between Thursday and Sunday, which took up most of my time. My family came to see the show on Saturday and then got to hang out for the first time at our new place! It was really great. The best part was probably having a yard for my nephews to run around in so they didn't get cramped and antsy like in our tiny apartment. My oldest sister brought a DQ mint ice cream cake since I play Peppermint Patty in the show-how fun is that?! We had tacos and got to be outside and it was just lovely. Now I have my other sister (the one who was away for a whole year) with me to stay for a couple of days! It's been a pretty hilarious time watching bad local tv and laughing and talking. We even went for a run on the trail this morning which was so great! It's awesome to have someone run with you to motivate you. 


 I have five more shows coming up this weekend and then the play will come to a close. I hope I'm able to do more with the community theatre in the future! 
Well, darlings I'm off to do some more cleaning at our apartment. We hope to have all of our stuff officially out of there as soon as possible!  I feel like now that we're living at our house I'm in denial about still having some things at the apartment. Eh, just forget it, if I haven't used it I probably don't need it anyway, right? haha

God Bless!

1 Timothy 6:17
Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty, nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy.

Top- TJ Maxx
Skirt, Loafers- Vintage
Bag- Dooney and Bourke, thrifted


Bethie The Boo said...

I'm glad the show is going well! And the ice cream cake sounds delicious!!

Laura said...

Sounds like the show is going to so well! I hope that it continues to rock! Break a leg! :)

Also, I really love your top - that mint color is divine on you.


Kristian said...

I love that your wearing mint when you tell us you Peppermint Patty. Such an unexpected but pretty color combo.

JennaStevie said...

You always combine mint and red so perfectly!!! I love this skirt, such a lovely fit.
It's nice to have someone to motivate you when running but I haaate chatting when I run, and I always feel like I should when I'm with someone

Elliementary, My Dear said...

Love this color combination and your purse is super cute too : )

Ali Hval said...

Aaww, yay! Katie, I'm so glad that your shows went well! Five shows is so many (that means that you had one day where you did two, yeah? busy lady!) but I'm glad that you had a great time doing it. And mint ice cream cake sounds like a pretty rad way to celebrate it.

I gotta say that I love the red mulch in these pictures, haha. That's a bit of a random comment but I do. It makes for a nice bit o' color in your backdrop!

And your red skirt is rather swoon-worthy. What a rich color red! n_n

Have a lovely rest of the weeeeek!

Midwest Muse said...

I love these colors together. Never would've thought to do red and mint. It's lovely. It sounds like you are absolutely swamped. How do you manage to do it all?!

Linda Becaca said...

Man, 5 shows? That's crazy! Good luck with the 5 that are left, and I'm glad it's going well.
Also, I'm so happy you get to see your sis again! :)
Ah, and that's why I sign up for PE classes while I'm at college. Haha, my competitive nature ups my motivation when I'm with a group. Spinning is kicking my butt, and I wobble away wondering how I made it. But then I remember, oh yeah, I was trying to beat the guy next to me. Hahaha!
Anyway, you always mix colors in the best ways. Love the red and mint colors together :)

Trendy Teal

Marlen said...

i have that same mentality every time i move, haha. like i don't realllly need it, do i? and i looove that your sister brought mint cake because you're peppermint patty, haha! that's so clever :)

xo Marlen
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