Thursday, June 27, 2013


I love simple dresses. One just can't go wrong with a simple dress, and a blouse underneath to add some character. Especially in the summer there's nothing better than a dress who's pattern can double as a picnic blanket if needed! I don't really love the square neckline and straps of this little number, but I think the blouse distracts from that enough to make this work. I love thinking about the evolution of personal style. When I first bought this dress a few years ago, I would just wear a ratty tank top or tee underneath it to hide straps and add a little coverage. I didn't have nearly the creativity to play around with adding a button down or anything underneath it. Oh if I could go back to little college freshman Katie and teach her a few things ;)

My hair has been so poofy lately, I love it! I don't know where it's coming from-the abundance of hairspray used in the play maybe, or my newfound love of ratting (that's a destructive relationship if there ever was one). I always did love a little volume. If I had been a teenager in the 80's you KNOW I would have been one of those girls with the gigantic perm and bangs sprayed to high heaven. See exhibit A:

Aw yiss. I yearbooked myself. I'm just that cool and don't you forget it.
Aaaaanyway...Things have come a long way since that time, but I still love me some volume-just not in a helmet shape around my entire face. :)

My sister took these photos of me when she was visiting last week. And then we put on some crazy music and had a dance party in my basement! Dance parties are the best. We made a couple of videos and I'm trying to decide if I should post one or not...haha. When my sisters and I get together it's pretty much dork city in the best possible way. I absolutely love dancing. I love being crazy and just freestyling to music, but I also really love choreography. I want to find a good dance studio in town and actually take a couple of classes, it would be so much fun! I've had a couple of recommendations from friends that I should check out. What about you guys and gals, do you love to dance?

I hope you're all having a splendid week! 
God Bless, 

Matthew 16:25
For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.

Blouse-Vintage, Rummage Sale
Dress- Walmart
Shoes- Four Seasons Flea Market

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Also, check back tomorrow for another hair tutorial!


Ali Hval said...

Hahaha oh gosh those yearbook'd photos of you are too perfect! I rather like you with super frizzy hair... you just have such a lovely face that can wear lots of hairstyles, lucky lady! :D

Also, this outfit is giving me vibes of Little House on the Prairie and I love it... those sleeves, ahh! <3 So poofy and fun!

I totally like dancing in my room to catchy 80s and 00s hits! Does that count? Hehehe, but I have always wanted to take dance classes... like ballroom style ones so if I ever went to a fancy gala (which would probably be like never ever), I'd be ready.

Bethie The Boo said...

How much do I love this dress??? I adore plaid, which I'm sure you know - this is just super cute on you.

I love the Yearbook Yourself site, I did that once, it was hilarious. And dance parties are the best!!

JennaStevie said...

I obviously am a pretty big fan of volume myself, my hair used to be huuuuge in high school. I back combed the beejeeebus out of it, thankfully I've relaxed on that a bit
I love dresses with patterns that could double for picnic blankets, so wonderful!! Such a great piece for summer :)

Allie said...

Your hair looks so nice! And pleeeasseee share the video, that would be too fun! Sometimes, I just need to turn up some music and dance around. xx

Allie @

Linda Becaca said...

Do it! You should post at least one video ^^ Haha, sounds like a fun relationship with your sis
Haha, and those yearbooked photos...oh man, those are too funny!
I like it when I can get my bangs pulled back into a poof, it always adds just the right amount of volume (NOT a Snooki poof, but a regular one haha)

Trendy Teal

Jacqueline said...

what a great dress! i always love the simplest garments best. you look lovely!

Lily said...

Oh, I feel the same way sometimes! I wish I could tell younger me some style tips since sometimes I take a look at old photos and just cringe haha.

That is such a lovely button down--the collar is darling. And you totally rock that cool plaid dress!

Hehe, who doesn't love dancing like a dork? Isn't it just the best to let your hair down and not have a care for awhile? I'm a horrible dancer but I absolutely love it. Glad you got to do that with your sister!

By the way, that last shot is totally stunning! But then again, all of them were (;

Mary M. said...

Such a lovely dress, but what strikes me most is your beautiful hair, it's so perfect, I wish I could succeed in making mine look at least half as better as yours!

Have an amazing week,
Mary x

Marlen said...

hahah i LOVE that you yearbooked yourself- I can totally see you being one of those girls. So trendy ;) And I usually don't like those kind of neck lines on dresses either, but your blouse made it sooo perfect that I'd totally wear it, too. I love the little lacy detailing on the blouse- it made this whole outfit perfect.

And please do post this video- I'm dying of curiosity haha!

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Kristian said...

Ah, you know I LOVE to dance! The boy and I do social dances (ballroom dancing though most of ours is much more countyfied). SO much fun. Whatever type of dance you are into, you should total go and persue that avenue, Katie. Plus, more physical movement is never a bad thing for health :)

I love this on you. It reminds me of Heidi of the Alps, but you don't look like a little girl with this.