Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eyes on the Prize

What a crazy productive (even through I've been very ill) few days it has been. I am nearly done with my last class of my college career and only have a few more weeks of teaching before I am let loose into the great unknown called the real world. I don't even care what's out there at this point. Right now my eyes are focused on graduating, graduation, and ....um.....gradgumacation? That works. I am so excited. Right at this moment I don't even care where I have to work, as long as I can come home and NOT have to do even more work (aka homework) that I don't get paid for? Ya, I'm ok with that. I think that's been the worst thing about being part of this residency program. I'm at school for eleven hours (not getting paid for that), and then I have to come home and do about four more hours of homework, maybe try and get a little housework in (the hubby's been doing most of that) and if I'm lucky I get to talk to Sean for about 10 minutes during the night. I would love to just go to work during the day and come home and night free as a bluebird.

You know, until I have kids or something crazy like that.


God is still totally blessing me even through my sick/tired/complaining days. I've been able to take walks on the weekends with people I love, try out a few fun recipes I've been eyeing on blogs and such, and experience even more fully what an unselfish husband I've been given to have by side. God is Good :D

Psalm 62:7

My victory and honor come from God alone. He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me.

Meet my stick. I found it on the ground. And made it my friend.

I've been wearing this outfit, or some variation of it pretty much everywhere I go. Once I got this hat and this chambray shirt I've just been able to throw it on and feel so much like me. It's the easiest and most comfortable I've felt while still maintaining some semblance of style. I just like to change up some accessories-like jewelry, bags, and shoes. I'm guessing you'll be seeing a lot more of this combination as the spring and summer (and probably fall) comes around. Sorry about that :)

God Bless~

Earrings-Vintage Avon
Ring- Etsy-a gift from my friend Alex
Bag-From my lovely sister :)
Hat- Old Navy
Chambray-Old Navy
Jeans-Charlotte Russe

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The Jones said...

Just decided today that next time I had a moment to slip into casual clothes, I needed to do the chambray on denim...and you just convinced me :)

Glad to hear that you are knowing God's presence in your life and feeling His blessings and love through your man. What a wonderful time of growth and learning...and accomplishments that He's rewarding you with. Whoo!

<3 Cambria