Monday, February 27, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Today was a dose of reality after my fantastic birthday weekend! Saturday was my birthday and I got to spend it seeing many of my favorite people! They day started out watching one of my favorite little gals during her ice skating lesson. I got to see two of the girls I used to babysit-they're getting so grown up now! We had lunch and then Sean and I spent the afternoon doing a little bit of thrifting :) We went to a couple of traditional thrift stores as well as an antique shop! I picked up some fun little treasures which I will be blogging about soon :) After that I got to have supper with my parents and Sean's parents, as well as an uncle and cousin of mine! It was fun to catch up-not to mention the restaurant we went to gives you free pie on your!
Sunday I got to see some friends of mine at church and then headed off to a baby shower that afternoon. The day ended with a trip to see my lovely sisters and nephews. Whew! It was a busy weekend! But filled with lots of love :)
I only photographed one outfit during the weekend, but that's ok. I was too busy having fun to worry about outfit pics!

Alright darlings, I feel a cold coming on and I just got an email from a professor with about 4 more hours worth of homework contained within the attachments. Here I go!

Have a lovely evening!
God Bless,

1 John 3:18

Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.

My sweet little girls gave me these necklaces for my birthday! They crocheted them all by themselves and apparently have won purple ribbons for them at the fair :)-Isn't that the cutest? I love them and can't wait to wear them with more of my outfits! I couldn't resist putting them on as soon as they were handed to me.

Scarf- Gift from mama :)
Necklaces- Gifts from my little girls :)
Top- Walmart
Cardigan- Macy's
Leggings- Macy's
Boots- Kohl's
Bag- Vintage Coach-Thrifted

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Bonnie said...

Loving the shoes. So glad that you had a nice birthday weekend. :)
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