Friday, October 14, 2011

My Friday Uniform

What a nice, chilly day it was today! I wore this huge sweater I found at a rummage sale to class and I was still cold all day long! I love this weather though, bring it on. It's funny how the line to the microwave in the teacher's lounge is infinitely longer when it starts to become chilly outside. It took me longer to heat up my lunch than it did to actually eat it! :)

Today in science we made 'cars' out of odds and ends (aka, lots of plastic and tape) and then had to send a raw egg down a racetrack to crash-and see if we could preserve our eggs. While I love a little fun now and then, I couldn't help thinking that there were much more productive things we could have been doing with our time. It's just a thought. I mean she could have told us about the activity, we wouldn't have actually had to take 40 minutes out of our class to DO the activity. We are adults, are we not? Sometimes I wonder....

This has definitely become my Friday uniform. Leggings and a long cardigan/sweater. It just needs to be that way. I was going to wear different shoes today, but it looked too much like I was wearing my pajamas, so I added the heels and necklace. Isn't that funny how just by putting on heels you instantly go from pajamas to dressed up? Needless to say I felt nice and cozy all day long...

pppsssst: Here's my teacher blog :)

Plans for this weekend include homework, sleeping, homework, baking, homework,, oh YA: Homework.
What are your plans for this weekend my lovely friends?
God Bless,

Matthew 11:28
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Scarf-Vintage, Ragstock
Leggings- Macy's
Sweater-Rummage Sale
Coat-Vintage, thrifted


EsotericElle said...

this is really cute!! It looks comfy and chic! Please visit my blog when you have the time.
Sincerely, L.

MarieStella said...

beautiful cardigan and shoes!! so chic!!