Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Madness

It is so nice to post again! I can't wait until I have a camera within my possession again. Until then I have my sister Jenifer who takes lovely photos for me with her camera! Thanks Jen! I wanted to document this outfit especially since I like to see all the different ways one can wear an item of clothing. This dress for instance is a lovely dress-but makes wonderful shirt too! I think that will be neat to look back and see how the versatility of a garment can really add wear and creativity to your personal style. Plus, the fact that this dress was two dollars (at most) at my local thrift store helps also :) And I just love the pop of the yellow carnation with this outfit too! All of the ladies in church today got carnations in honor of Mother's Day!

On that note, Happy Mother's Day! Today my sister and I made my mother a scrapbook page with a picture and little note, and found a tape from when we were little to play to her. This is just an audio tape from when we were probably 8-10 years old and we recorded a "Mother's Day Radio Program" for her-it was very professional mind you! She enjoyed it very much :)
What did you do for your mother today?

Today's verse:
Exodus 20:12
Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

Ok, so we were taking pictures, and all of a sudden one of the pheasants living in the trees decided to squawk and scare me half to death! It made me laugh and jump about 5 feet...haha! Hence the crazy face....

Another fun tidbit from today- My mom wanted pizza for lunch, which of course required the oven...Until the crazy heating element burst into flames! sigh....luckily they went out when we shut off the oven so our house didn't burn down, but it took a while for our pizza to cook just sitting in the warm oven, and now we can't bake until it's fixed! sigh..and we do so love to bake...haha! This is about the third time the oven has started on fire in the last few think we would maybe toss it and get a different one? Naaaah, who needs that?!

Pearl Studs - Forever 21
Coat- Vintage, from Grandmother
Dress (worn as shirt)- Thrifted
Skirt- Part of a suit handed down from sister
Belt- WalMart
Tights (it's chilly out!)- Dollar Store
Ivory Heels- Payless
Carnation- Given to all the women in church today :D

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Krisken said...

like mother like daughter? :P

You darling are so beautiful! I love love love! That skirt and belt together! very classy!

miss you <3