Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I really love high-waisted jeans you guys. Like, why did these ever go out of style? Short vintage jackets and blouses look so much better with a good pair of high-waisted jeans to tuck them into. I wore this to visit my very old friend Big Stone Camp for Christ. I figured it was a fun, casual outfit for a chilly day near the lake hanging with friends!

There are many special people in my life that I just don't get to see as often as I'd like. This weekend I got to visit a place very special to me and see some of my best friends! I grew up going to a very small Bible camp near my home every summer since I was ten years old. I didn't have many friends in school, but during the summer I was able to connect with people that really helped me to grow not only socially, but in my faith as well. We are brothers and sisters in Christ and there is nothing that brings a group closer than that!
I haven't missed a year of camp in 14 years because now I go back to counsel there.When I was somewhere in my teens I connected with these two beauties and we've been great friends ever since. I never tire of getting to go back to camp and hang out with them! This past weekend we had a graduation reception at the camp so it was laid back and fun. We made cotton candy, played balderdash, and just got to catch up with each other. Lovely :)

Ahh, camp :)

Do you have any places that hold a special place in your heart?
God Bless!

John 15:13
Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Jacket- Vintage c/o Rethreads
Blouse- Vintage, Thrifted
Jeans- DKNY Thrifted
Loafers- Rummage Sale
Bag- Vintage Coach, Thrifted


Ali Hval said...

Man, I don't know why high-waisted jeans went out of style! They're darn cute, fer sure, and a lot comfier than those kind that leave your stomach feeling crampy by the end of the day. I'm just loving these on you. Paired with that plaid blazer, you look stunning! And your hair is flawless as always. :)

Oh, I'm so glad you were able to visit a nostalgic place! It seems rich with memories and sounds like it hasn't changed much--perfect.

Hmm, a special place for me would probably be the track in our elementary school. It's so close, and sounds a little random, but it's full of memories for me. :)

Kristian said...

Beautiful photographs. Also- I love that now you help at the camp that helped you. :)

I love how well you pull off the casual but vintage look. It is classy but comfortable looking! High-waisted things should definitely come back into style.

Jacqueline said...

beautiful pics! i love high waisted jeans too. i stalk urban outfitter's website for their occasional big sales of their BDG jeans (best high waisted jeans i've ever bought! and they come in all washes/colors and even prints!)

Star White said...

Those jeans are FAB! I can't seem to find a pair that fits me right!

LOVE those pics of you on the dock...stunning!


Bethie The Boo said...

Oh it sounds like a lovely place! For me, my special place is Itasca State Park - we took our honeymoon there and a few other vacations. It's always been special to me.

I love your plaid jacket. End of story. It's perfection.

Midwest Muse said...

Your style is so inspiring and honestly, you are one of the few that really rock high waisted pants. And that hair? It's starting to become your signature look. These photos are beautiful andddd I feel like your blog is really blossoming lately! You really seem to be "very you" these days and I love it.

Kati said...

Man, you just look perfect! Your hair is so super pretty, and I love that plaid jacket. Thumbs up!

Have a great week,

lisa said...

I love high waisted bottoms too! I can't believe I ever thought low rise was a good idea, they are so uncomfortable to me now. Your hair is so amazing and perfect for this outfit. Beautiful photos!

The Braided Bandit said...

I adore those last dock pictures and I seriously need to find myself a pair of dark high waisted jeans, they look amazing!
Glad you had a great weekend at camp and got to catch up with friends!
xo Hannah

Taylor Laree said...

High waisted jeans are so cute. I feel so much better in them than low-rise-all-revealing jeans haha.

Flounces & Hubbub

Linda Greaves said...

This is so wonderful Katie! Going to a camp close to your heart and returning to council? Its a gift that doesn't stop giving! :)
Love your high waisted jeans and pretty shoes.

Trendy Teal

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, those pants are absolutely amazing and they look so great on you!

Looks like you had a fantastic time at camp! Those pictures are so gorgeous!


Mrs. Dork said...

Oh, I totally know how you feel about camp. This will be my 14th year on the campgrounds. I started working them as soon as I stopped being a camper, because I just can't stay away! I'm actually leaving tomorrow to head down their, and I'm absolutely excited! It's where I've met some of my best friends, and I always make new ones each year. Sigh, now tomorrow can't come fast enough!

allie said...

love this vintage preppy style<3