Sunday, September 4, 2011

Seattle: Day Four-Mt. Ranier!

So sorry for the little break all. Since last Wednesday I have been battling the flu of some kind with lots of fever and sneezing and all of that wonderful stuff. I finally feel a bit more like myself this morning, but with no outfit photos at all for you-so here is another day in my Seattle trip with my sister!

The one thing we did on day four of our trip was made the trek to Mt. Ranier, which was only a few hours away from where our aunt and uncle live. It took my sister and I a lot longer to get to the actual mountain because we kept having to stop along the way and take more and more pictures the closer we got! Each view just kept getting better and better and I'm pretty sure both of us could have just stared at the mountains for, oh I don't know, the rest of our lives?!

The views on the way there were stunning, including gorgeous rivers and misty peaks. Just breathtaking.

I wish there weren't a road in this picture, but I loved the way it looked with the snow and then the bright green right next to each other-so beautiful!

We also had fun taking pictures in the snow! Seeing as how it was August and back home the temps. were sweltering, we couldn't resist having some fun in the snow.

Once we got to the actual Mt. Ranier site we decided on a trail to go walk on. We didn't have a ton of time, since we had taken so long to get to the actual site, and we had to try and make it back home at a decent time. We decided on a trail that was supposed to take an hour or so-the Silver Forest Trail.

I think we both came to the conclusion that we chose the absolute perfect trail. The views were all incredibly stunning and Mt. Ranier was in full view because of the perfect weather. Hardly any mist covering the top of it! We were just praising God all day long because of the immense beauty before us-It was incredible.

At every turn Jenifer and I just stopped for minutes at a time with our jaws dropped at the views of the mountains. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I can't wait to go back someday and bring my hubby too!

There was this stunning little lake in the valley and I just wanted to stand in awe of the view at this spot-do you think they'd let me build a cabin right next to it and live there forever?

It took us a little longer to finish the trail than expected because we stopped so long at every point in the trail-but it was so worth it. It's like every time you would turn around, then look back-you see it with fresh eyes like it was the first time. It never got old looking at those gorgeous misty mountains. Blah...I wanna go back!

Psalm 76:4
You are radiant with light, more majestic than mountains rich with game.

God Bless!

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