Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pieces of Vintage

What a gorgeous, glorious day it is outside! Can we just keep this weather forever? Sunny and 70's is just about perfect, in my opinion.

I took Sean's special quilt that he got from his great-grandmother to be fixed today. It was just this woman I found in the yellow pages who works from her home and does quilting. Sean's quilt is coming apart at the seams and all of the batting inside is just worn to shreds. The woman said that she could just fix the seams-and probably keep having to fix them throughout the years, or that she could put a new back on it and it would last another 50 years...I know that it's extremely special to Sean so it was kind of hard on him, but we're getting the new back put on. As long as we're getting it fixed, might as well do it right, right?

I have class today from noon to four, which shouldn't be too bad. I have my reading class-we are learning how to assess students' reading right now, which I gotta say is pretty intense. It's a big thing in the schools nowadays, but I always get really intimidated by it. I feel like I'm gonna mess up some child's future by assessing them incorrectly and then they'll never have a good experience in school. haha, I know that's over-dramatic, but I guess I just have to get myself more comfortable with it!

I love this dress of my grandmother's. I believe she wore it when she was younger-as in middle school age? But I'm not 100% sure. I do know that I have to be careful with it, as I popped a seam earlier today. I'm hoping it isn't because I'm gaining weight, but because the thread is really old.....sure we'll go with that! Anyway, it's one of my absolute favorite dresses :). It must be at least 55 years old! It was just screaming to be paired with my black and white oxfords! I felt so deliciously vintage-this is totally my favorite way to look-simple and classic vintage!

Psalm 143:10
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

God Bless!

Dress-Vintage, Grandmother's
Pearls-Forever 21
Belt-Vintage, thrifted

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