Monday, September 19, 2011

One Dress, Three Weddings!

I've been waiting over a month to post a few of these pictures, so I'm excited that I finally get to do so! I knew that I had a ton of weddings to go to this summer, so I wanted one easy dress that I could wear for each occasion, dressed up in a different way-and still be super comfy. When I worked at Macy's I had been eying this dress from the time it arrived at the store. I believe the original price was around 80 dollars. One day I noticed that it was marked way down to 15 dollars, and I had my discount to use as well-so I got the dress for 8 dollars!! The next day I came back to work and the dress had been marked back up to 35 dollars, :O so I snagged it just in time! I knew that this dress could easily transition from warmer to cooler weather, which is why it was so perfect for all three wedding occasions :)

The first wedding was of my dear, wonderful friend from high school, Alex. She was marrying a great guy in our hometown and I was her personal attendant! I wanted a very simple look for a hot day and a dance later on. I went with a definite 70's vibe and loved wearing the dress for the first time! This was on 8-7-11.

Thanks to hubby for taking my pictures!

Sunglasses-Dollar Store (I'm classy, I know!)

The second wedding I attended was two of my college friends tying the knot! It was such a sweet event, both bride and groom were stunning. I went with kind of a casual look, but still felt like I dressed it up with the heels and topknot. This was on 8-20-11.

Vest-Vintage Levi's
Earrings-Gifted to me by my amazing sister, Nancy!

The last wedding was just this past weekend, 9-17-11! My hubby's brother was getting married. It was a lovely outdoor affair so I felt as though the rustic boots would be acceptable-I wore leggings for warmth because it ended up being very chilly outside!

Thanks to Jeni for taking my pictures!

Earrings-Street vendor in Seattle
Scarf-Gifted to me by my lovely friend Alyssa, bought in Spain!
Hairclip-Gifted to me by my wonderful friend Rebecca!
Isn't it nice that I have such great friends who give me lots of nice presents? I think so! :D

Here's to weddings! Ahh, I love them :)
God Bless!

1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

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