Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mind Blowing

This is yet another work ensemble. I'm going to be so happy in a month when I can stop wearing all black! I try to make it creative, but sometimes my work wardrobe gets pretty boring...

The rain has finally subsided! After two days of nonstop precipitation the sun is a welcome change :) Now I'm just afraid it's going to go straight from cold weather to scorching heat! Ahh, such is life in South Dakota.

Here are some pictures of me wearing my new beautiful apron! My wonderful friend, Naomi, from camp gave me a couple of aprons as a late wedding present and I just adore them. This one is so beautiful with its slightly scalloped bottom and sweet little pockets-I'm kind of in love :) The other apron is one that Sean can wear with multicolored stripes and a straighter cut. They're perfect!

Necklace-Street vendor in Canada
Top-Dollar Store
Lovely Apron-Gifted to me by my beautiful friend, Naomi :)

Sean and I had a fascinating devotions discussion last night. Most of the time we just read a few chapters of the Bible together and then read the footnotes and discuss it. Last night however, we found a slightly controversial topic that we hadn't really discussed with each other yet. We began talking about God's Omnipotence and our free will in relation to that omniscience. It was quite the discussion and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After that I became fascinated with the concept of pre-flood times in the Bible and the possible existence of "dinosaurs" and "dragons." Read Job 41 if you're up for it. It is sort of mind blowing to think about how much longer people lived before the time of the flood and why that was so. In all my years of being a Christian I had never heard of the "vapor canopy" Which surrounded our earth acting like an atmosphere before the time of the flood. I never knew that that is why people lived so much longer, because of the differences in pressure. That is the possible reasoning behind 'dinosaurs' as well, in the thinking that they are just reptiles who never stopped growing because they lived so much longer. Sean found this website, which I think is just full of mind blowing thoughts.:
I don't have a specific verse for you today, I just want to challenge you to GET INTO YOUR BIBLES because there are definitely a ton of fascinating things that you'll learn-the old testament is chock full of crazy awesome-ness! Love you all :)
Until tomorrow, God Bless-

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