Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm not sure where I found this photo, but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to save it and copy it this summer! How did I do?

It's very windy and hot today-welcome to summer in South Dakota! I really want more spring weather, but I suppose the warmth is a welcome change after the bitter cold of this winter.

Hebrews 9:28
So Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

Necklace-Gifted to me by my lovely sister :)
Skirt-Vintage, grandmother's :)
Shoes-Vera Wang, Kohl's

God Bless!


MarieStella said...

gorgeous colour blocking!!

Dresses for Dinner said...

I love the color choices as much as I love the shape of both pieces. Gorgeous!