Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Celebrate the Day

How was your Christmas? Mine was really fun and relaxing spending time with Sean's family. We watched a lot of great movies like Despicable Me and How to Train your Dragon and just hung around snuggling on the couch with Chips (The cat :D not the food...) It was pretty cool.
I am so excited to go see my side of the family this weekend! I miss my nephews terribly! We don't have to watch movies when we get together because everyone just watches the eldest run around and sing and play- They're sooo cute!

Did you all get to watch your favorite Christmas movie and partake in favorite family traditions? I hope so :) I feel as though Christmas hasn't even happened yet because I haven't been home, haven't wrapped any presents or made any stocking stuffers. I am planning on doing that all this week in preparation for the weekend! It doesn't matter what day you celebrate on, right? As long as you think about the true meaning of Christmas and how love was born on Earth so that we could have life in Jesus :):D
God Bless! Here is my favorite Christmas song, by Relient K, give it a listen :) :

Here is what I wore to church today :)

Blouse-JC Penny?
Skirt-vintage two piece suit-thrifted
Tights-gifted by my sister
Coat-Old Navy
Boots- Payless

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Vanessa said...

Love that bright pink vintage skirt! And your cream coat? That's to die for! It looks magnificent surounded in that winter white landscape. Happy New Year!