Wednesday, December 29, 2010

City Driving. Blech.

Have any of you ever gotten yourself hopelessly lost going someplace that should have been really easy to find? I had to go to walmart today for a few things. This is the first time since we moved here that I've attempted to venture that far out, since we live right by a grocery store I haven't had to go far. I thought I knew where walmart was, so I tried to go this really weird route and ended up on the busiest road in the city trying to make a left turn...sigh. You just can't make left turns, I should have known this. So I literally waited for about 15 minutes just to pull out and then I got myself all lost and had to call Sean because somehow I ended up on the interstate...gah....But I finally did make it. Although I have to be honest, I do not like the abundance of people living in a big city. It's a weekday afternoon and walmart was so packed I felt like I couldn't breathe! I am not used to this, having come from small town, SD. Hopefully I will get used to it :)

It was very slushy and dark today, I wanted to wear my new shoes again, but I changed into boots because it was so wet outside! Nice temps though-I can get used to this for December in SD! I wanted to go sledding like all the little families at the huge hill by our apartment-Sean and I will have to get a sled and try it out for ourselves some Saturday!

Hope you all are having a good week-I still feel like Christmas is this weekend as I will finally be wrapping presents today! haha...silly me. :)
God Bless!

I thought this verse was fitting, considering my driving dilemma today :) Great Verse!
Proverbs 28:26
Those who trust in themselves are fools, but those who walk in wisdom are kept safe.

Coat-Great Grandma's :)
Cardi-Great Grandma's-embellished by me
Jeans-Target ages ago-One of my favorite pairs!


Krisken said...

darling, let me tell you.....after living in sioux falls only a month i was nearly used to the craziness. Here are a few tips...
Don't try to drive between 11:30 and 12:30 and 4 and 5 pm until you feel comfortable with where you're going or have a navigator. These are the busiest times of the day for sioux falls during a wk day. As for getting used to it. I know you will! I grew up in a small town myself and that first month was overwhelming...but it will surely calm back down once all the out of towners go back home after the holiday :) Take heart my fashionable friend! there is hope!

Ryan Vanasse said...

Big city...haha.
Sorry, it's just weird to hear about Sioux Falls as a big city.

passionfruitfreak said...

Another hint as well, going to the east side Walmart is sometimes a good idea to avoid the busy crazy traffic.. :)