Monday, April 28, 2014

What I Wore to Work: Teal Top


Hello kids! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Ours was pretty great except for the somewhat torrential winds moving across the midwest. Anyone else experiencing those? 
This weekend was one of the largest neighborhood rummages in my town so Sean and I braved the winds on Saturday and visited a few. I always have such a great time rummaging. I think it's my favorite recreational activity. You get to walk all around different neighborhoods and find SUPER cheap amazing stuff. At one rummage sale they had a huge box of Agatha Christie mysteries labeled FREE. There were about 25-30 hardcover books from the author. I know my grandmother loves Agatha Christie mysteries but she only has a few that she reads over and over. So I gave her a call to see if she'd be interested and she was so excited! :) Sean and I ended up snagging the entire box of books and I get to give my grandmother a gift just like all the gifts she's given me over the years! That was by far my favorite find :)

This was another work look I wore a couple of weeks ago when the weather finally began to warm up. This teal top is super soft and comfy, and my red sneakers are getting quite the work out as of late. I thought I'd throw on some hot pink lipstick for fun too ;)

Smile a lot today friends!
God Bless,

Proverbs 27:1
Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you don’t know what the day will bring.

Top- Walmart, Similar
Jeans- Citizens of Humanity, Rummaged, Similar
Sneakers- Target, Similar
Sunglasses- Charlotte Russe, Similar
Lipstick- Wet'n'Wild in Hot Paris Pink


Ali Hval said...

AAW there is nothing better than finding something for someone and knowing that hey, they'd love it! I'm glad you snagged that box full of free books. What a great find!!

Your eyes are so so pretty, Miss Katie, and I love those sunnies on you. And pink lipstick, too! What a fashionable rummager you are.

Have a wonderful start to your week!

Marisa Noelle said...

Aw, that is so sweet and thoughtful Katie...and completely adorable that your grandmother loves Agatha Christie :-). What a perfect thing to stumble across.

Again, I am always in awe of how you can put together a more casual outfit and look so cute, ladylike and chic. I really struggle with this b/c I feel I look so schlubby in pants. Definitely an inspiration to me :-)

Gentri said...

So so cute! I love the color combo and casual outfit!

Amia Wheatley said...

That's so sweet that you found all of those Agatha Christie books for your grandma, I'm sure she's going to love them!

Cathy said...

That was so nice to think of your Grandmother while rummaging! I'm sure she will love the gift. :-) That lipstick is a beautiful color on you!

Anonymous said...

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