Monday, August 5, 2013

Travel in Comfort

Does anyone else like to be super comfy when they travel, but not look like a total bum? I used to wear sweatpants as a rule when traveling, but I don't think I've worn sweatpants in about two years. Enter, this skirt! It's like sweatpant material but I feel a lot more put together when I wear it. It's another hand me down from my sister (I love that we're adults and I still get that perk as the youngest sister), and I have been wearing it constantly. The rest of the outfit was so basic I had to throw on a little neon sock to punch up the look a bit. And the headscarf was because I was wearing curlers. And no one wants to see my green foam hair rollers just hanging out on top of my head. Even though they look ADORABLE people!     
 So where was I traveling? Oh just a wedding for two of my dearest friends! It's always magical when you see two people who you've known for years and are so in love tie the knot. What a lovely, Godly couple they are and it made me giddy to be able to go home and enjoy their reception.

Psalms have always been among my favorite verses in the Bible. In particular Psalm 119  is 176 verses full of awesome. Each stanza breathes out new truth and wisdom. I would love to do a full on Bible study on just that chapter. This verse in particular got me today: 

Psalm 119:130
The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.

I am just a simple person, not very complicated in the way that I operate. But with the unfolding truth of the word of God I can be made to understand things that are far beyond my reach. The light of those words illuminates a path for me to walk upon. I wish I could more eloquently express how I feel about things like this, but I think the wisdom of the verse speaks for itself :)

God Bless!

Scarf- Vintage, Ragstock
Jacket, Bag- Free from Lowry thrift store
Tank- Alco
Skirt- Hand me down
Socks- Kohl's
Shoes- Target


Bethie The Boo said...

Comfort when traveling is a MUST. And to do it and look cute is tricky! I love a good jersey knit skirt like that!

Linda B said...

I know, coming up with comfortable travel outfits are a must for me! To make it stylish is definitely another. Haha, you did it perfectly with this maxi skirt and your adorable yellow socks :)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Taylor Laree said...

This is such a good travel outfit. It's so cute but definitely looks comfy enough for a plane ride. The yellow socks are perfect too :)

Flounces & Hubbub

Laura said...

I love this outfit - so casual and fun!

And how funny that you posted on Psalm 119! I'm reading through the Psalms this summer as part of my internship and 119 is the one of the ones I will read tonight! :) I skimmed it quickly in my office and it looks wonderful! Which is awesome, because honestly, some of the Psalms are kind of bizarre. But, even the crazy ones are so beautiful!


Elliementary, My Dear said...

I definitely hate feeling frumpy in the airport but don't want to be too uncomfortable on the plane so coming up with the right outfit can be a dilemma. I like how you achieved casual without having to throw on pants and the jean jacket provides some edge to the overall look. Maybe I'll try wearing a maxi skirt on my next flight :)

Marlen said...

ooo i very much love the punch from the socks- those kind of details are my favorite ;) and you look ADORABLE with the head scarf- and i seriously LOLed after reading you're hiding curlers under there. that's so very you :) and congrats to your friends!!

xo marlen
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Hannah Gottlieb-Graham said...

I love anything that's jersey material- so so comfy and definitely perfect for travel. I have a rule against sweatpants, but I've been able to find some really comfortable pieces for planes/car rides! Love your skirt!

Xo, Hannah

Ali Hval said...

It's so hard to be comfortable AND cute, but you nailed it with this look, Miss Katie! I am lovin' your colorful socks. LOVIN'!! And your headscarf is so pretty, too. You always have fun ways to do your hair in a different way. I don't think you've ever had the same hairdo twice! ;)

And aw, I'm glad that your friends had a happy, happy marriage. I wish them well!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

how funny! i've been wanting to get those foamy soft curlers that supposedly are comfy to sleep in actually. good idea w/ the head scarf, it's cute and i'd have never guessed. congrats to your friends, that's awesome to have such good old friends tie the knot!

Cuddly Cacti
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