Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lilac Socks

We've had such strange weather these past few weeks of summer that I can already see my style shifting into fall with cardigans and layers and all of that nonsense. Let's face it, warm weather or not cardigans are the coziest thing EVER and have been in style since the dawn of time I'm pretty sure. I wore this a while ago to one of my girls' nights just watching some Bachelorette (don't judge me), eating some good food and hanging out with a kitty named Sherlock.

This blouse is one of the best investments I've ever made. It was one of those pieces that is too expensive initially, but you stalk it until it goes on clearance and hope against hope that your size will still be there, and then you POUNCE. Actually my size wasn't there. This one is a size smaller that I would normally go for, but it has proved to fit pretty well regardless and I wear it all the time. It is super versatile and one of my very favorite colors.

We have a few lilacs peeking out again! They kind of died for part of the summer but made a small resurgence just in time to match my socks. I'm lucky like that.

Have a blessed day! 


Colossians 2:8
See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.

Earrings- Forever 21
Blouse- Kohl's
Cardigan- Target
Jeans, Loafers- Vintage, Y's Buys
Bag- Vintage, thrifted


Jessie Swenson said...

I have that same blouse from Kohl's except in a peach color! I snagged it off the clearance rack! :) I love how you paired a cardigan with it, I will have to try that on one of these cooler days. So cute as always Katie!

Alyssa Marie said...

I really like your top, Katie! Sounds like a fun time you had with you friend :) Not judging about Bachelorette (hey, it's entertaining, haha!). The weather here in Delaware has been a little funny, too. But it's starting to warm up again. You have the most beautiful smile, I love how I can see so much of your personality shine through your photos :)

Thank you so much for the warm and thoughtful comments you left on my blog- you are really so sweet Katie, from the bottom of my heart- truly, thank you for being so sweet and kind. Enjoy your day!

xo, Alyssa

bashashhazbaz said...

you look absolutely lovely in this outfit and those socks rock!

Linda B said...

The peek of those vibrant socks add such a fun personality to your outfit. You always add those lovely touches! :)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Kristian said...

I don't know where the purple socks would fit into this, but you leave me with the impression of a 1940s college girl! A bluestocking can also be a purple stocking, perhaps :)

Ali Hval said...

Hehehe, honoring the flowers with your socks, I gotta hand it to you, Katie, you truly do think out your outfits. ;) I'm sure you know that I love them fancy socks on you, though, since socks are always a win in my book. And they're so PURPLY and fuun!!

Also, how lovely is that shirt? I love the little pearl accents. Too cute!

I can't judge you for wearing the Bachelorette because I've totally watched some strange shows in my life. Indulge on, girlfran. ;D

Elliementary, My Dear said...

Love how retro this outfit looks and the blouse is such a great color on you :) You have such a pretty smile in these pictures as well.

Hannah Gottlieb-Graham said...

I love the socks peeking out of loafers look! And lilac is one of my favorite shades for summer!

Xo, Hannah

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, I love that shirt - every time you wear it, I swoon! So pretty. And I would never ever judge you for watching the Bachelorette. For I have eaten up the last two seasons. :P


Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

oh goodness i wish we had some cool weather over here... it'll be a few months still. although i'm sure you're not happy w/ it cooling down already. Lovely blouse Katie! I just did that w/ a dress actually from a really cool fair trade shop i just found, it was on great sale so I pounced in the moment. my hubs even ran to get our card haha... what a kind enabler.

Cuddly Cacti
Mitla Moda

Halie said...

Love this look. that top is super cute.