Friday, August 16, 2013

Cat Bag Lady

Hey hey everyone! I have so many little posts to catch you up on from the end of my summer, but since I haven't gotten around to editing and all that nonsense I wanted to show you my new favorite outfit! This blouse is one I snagged from a dark and dingy bag in a forgotten closet in my grandparent's old house. It belonged to my great-grandmother. I remember seeing this blouse many times on my explorations through the old house, but for some reason I always passed it up because I was unsure of the fit. Boy did I make a mistake in not taking it sooner! I absolutely fell in love with it and I've worn it three times already since I've gotten my grubby little hands on it. The shape, length, and fabric are simply perfect for me. I want to say it was one she must have worn in the late 60s because of the vibrancy of the floral pattern. And since I've been working at the school prepping all week I donned a headscarf because I am ready to get some things accomplished! I am pretty sure that's what a headscarf says you're ready to do. 

Ahh, this bag, this bag. As soon as I saw this bag in target sometime in middle school I knew I wanted to have it. We didn't live near a target at the time, it was in the town about an hour away. I begged my mama for it because, well obviously, it had a kitty on it. We had to walk away without it however and I swore I'd save up enough to buy it next time we were there! However the next time we went shopping there all of the kitty bags were gone :( . Cue Christmas morning MONTHS later when I opened the box to find this little number staring at me! My mama had bought it and kept it a complete secret :) What a very nice thing to do, I have a great mama. For a while I didn't use it because I thought I was all 'mature' and that it was a bit dorky or something. Whatever it's pretty much the cutest kitty ever and I don it proudly now! Plus it works perfectly for my job because it holds lots of folders and papers and all of that jazz. So glad I have a sweet and thoughtful lady in my life to buy me things with kitties on it :)

Last piece of the puzzle-these ankle skinny jeans. I am in complete and utter love with these babies. I got them when we shopped at the Lowry Mall (the free thrift spot I blogged about here). I have been wanting ankle jeans for forever (all jeans are long on my shorty legs) and these were such good quality so I snapped them up! When I got home and actually tried them on the waistband was a bit small. But I just washed them in cold water and stretched and pulled the waist while they were still wet. Then I let them airdry. Voila! They fit me now! I line dry most of my jeans anyway so it's the perfect solution. Have any of you ladies used this trick before? Anyway I loved the result. They are just the silhouette I want and comfortable as anything. And free ain't bad!

Ladies, this scarf 'do is so supah easy. I'm thinking tutorial next week? :)

Alright, I've rambled enough for one post. This weekend we're putting in a new washer/dryer courtesy of my brother in law (yay!) and hopefully hanging out with a few friends as well. Then Monday it's back to work with kiddos in tow for the first day of school! Yikes...

God Bless!

Romans 14:13
Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister. 

Blouse- Great-grandmother's
Earrings- Forever 21
Scarf- Vintage, Ragstock
Loafers- Vintage, Y's Buys
Jeans- Citizens of Humanity, thrifted free 
Bag- Gift from mama :)
Lips- Wet and Wild 421A


Ali Hval said...

Aaaaw, what a sweet story about your bag... what a nice momma you have indeed. :) Hehehe, I don't know if I have anything from middle school still. I think I have this beret I used to try to wear from time to time on the weekends and my REALLY old converses (decked out in lyrics and sharpie drawings) but that's about it. Some things are just timeless, I guess. ;) Your kitty bag more than mine.

Also, those skinny jeans look great on you! They look quite comfy, too, and that's coming from someone who never ever wears jeans ever. :D

JennaStevie said...

This look is so perfect!!! I love the bright floral top, definitely a perfect summery piece. Especially with that headwrap!!
So sweet that your mom got you that adorable bag.

Kristian said...

Huh, what a smart jean tip; thanks for sharing! Also how sweet is your mom? How thoughtful of her.

And, oh, Katie- no else does casual vintage looks like you. You've definitely mastered it.

|åƱȩȠȡȅɍ ȶῢⱠⱡⱣž said...

*HOW* do you get your hair to look this good aaalways!!!! I'm so jealous! And your mom, I know you've blogged about her before, she sounds like a sweetheart :)
God bless and have a great weekend!
Much love xxx

Valemood said...

Amazing look! I love your style!!!!