Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday Outfit and Giveaway Winners!

Hello Friends! Did you all have a marvelous weekend? Mine was busier than a little bee's with friends and projects and housework. I can't complain, it was fabulous! In addition to a few other things in the works, I got asked to do a short play this weekend, so I have quite a few lines to learn before the performances in a couple of days. 

Summer is finally rearing it's ugly head the past few days and we're experiencing quite the bit of sun, heat, and humidity. Up until last week the air conditioning in my car didn't work, but thankfully we got it fixed so I don't have to have my windows rolled down on the interstate anymore! That is great because I don't really enjoy arriving at my destination looking like I just went through a wind tunnel, haha.

I hope you have a marvelous start to your week!
God Bless,

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Shoes- Target
Everything Else- Vintage

Also, I have picked winners (using a random number generator) for the Firmoo Giveaway that I had! Thanks so much to those who entered, it was fun to host this giveaway. Winners, you will be getting an email from me shortly with a code that you can use to purchase your new glasses!



JennaStevie said...

I love blouses that have the buttons up the back like this one, such a great detail! And this one looks absolutely gorgeous with the red pencil skirt and your hair like that :)

Marlen said...

you look fabulous, and that blouse is fabulous- everything is fabulous! and haha i'd be DEVASTATED if i had to ride with the windows down and my hair was in a 'do like yours. good thing that was fixed ;)

xo Marlen
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Bethie The Boo said...

That is the perfect red skirt! It's awesome! I love the buttons on the back of your blouse too!

Jessie Swenson said...

I love that shirt Katie!

Linda Becaca said...

Love that button up detail in the back of your top, and that red pencil skirt fits you perfectly!

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Laura said...

You look so adorable! I really love that top and the color of the skirt is just a dream!


Elliementary, My Dear said...

You are so incredibly chic :) That top is amazing and I love the buttons on the back. My car's a/c was broken too so I totally know what you mean lol. I just got it fixed and it is heavenly.

Sarah Mae said...

Oh goodness. I can't imagine driving around without air conditioning. Glad it is fixed! My mom's car just started having problems and she cannot drive it or it could ruin it, so she's using my car for the time being so I am car-less. Doesn't matter too much since I don't leave the house much without her, but the freedom is nice to have anyway.
And YAYYYY! I won! Woohoo! I am excited! :) I won a gift card on FallsFood yesterday--I am not usually one to win things, but I am on a roll this week, I guess.

Imogen said...

So beautiful. Your hair styles just get better and better. The top is stunning with the lace and buttons at the back. Love the red skirt, I bought one similar recently. I hope your play and learning your lines goes well. I've been noticing the different locations of your photos now you've moved too.

Ali Hval said...

Heellloooo how cute is your figure?! It's really cute, that's what. This outfit does you so good. You always do so well to dress yourself in the best ways possible. I love the bright red of that skirt and your poofy hair curls. If I ran into you in a grocery store, I'd probably think you were some famous person from the past and spill my basket of groceries.

Congrats on being about to do another short play!! I know that was an awesome opportunity for you before and I'm glad you get to do it again. :) :) <3 GOOD LUCK!

also omg you were in part of my dream last night. It was weird, here are the details: we were driving in the woods, which were all warped like a twisty go-kart course or something, and suddenly this tornado starts chasing us, and we run toward it and it runs away from us. So we scared it away. WE SCARED A TORNADO AWAY!! GO US!! (high five)

Star White said...

Love this top! So cute!


Jessica said...

Your hair looks so cute like that! And I love you outfit. You are so classy!

Marisa Noelle said...

Such a classy and pretty outfit to say the least and your hair is an absolutely dream Katie! Seriously, how do you find the time and patience to make it look so gorgeous ALL the time? :-) Being without air conditioning in the car is awful...I'm just not a windows down on the interstate kind of gal either.

Elana said...

You look gorgeous, as usual! This red skirt is fantastic; it's such a great color on you. Also, the buttons on the back of this top are amazing.

Hope you're having a great week!

Charmaine said...

Beautiful! I love this look so much, especially that cream blouse with the buttons.

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

aw girl you're too pretty. i bet even messy your hair looks amazing. love your classy look here, def a look i should start wearing to my office job. and whoa, i won, this is awesome, thanks!
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